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Steampunk 99
Steampunk clothing created by our members using recycled materials, 3D printers and traditional moulds.

Riccardo Romagnoli Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti i-Telex
The teleprinter reloaded Come and see a Teleprinter sending and receiving a written text like in its first year of life: 1917 You can chat with a Teleprinter or punch a text on a paper tape or receive an email with it.
  B11 (pav. 7) - R. Romagnoli Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti

The idea behind Madeleine.jpg is to revive late 19th century's optical toys and promotional/educational devices with a contemporary outlook through exclusive use of photography.
  A6 (pav. 8) - Madeleine.jpg

Raffaele Giasi, Mariano Adamo, Pasquale Sada, Massimo Margheritini
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Steampact Project
A Steampunk photographic set, where it will also be possible to experience the Dreamachine, a device which causes daydreams.
  C41 (pav. 5) - Steampact Project
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