Exhibitors 2017

Category "Electronics "

HeretiX Technology
Systems for managing luminous architectural scenarios via computers (DMX-Renard-Serial) or smartphones (WiFi-IoT).

Gioia Tozzi
La Sartoria Digitale is a digital fabrication laboratory for fashion design, we design and craft clothes and accessories.

Amnon Demri - Quickest-Owl
"cockroach " Laser shooter. A laser display that "shoot" cockroach on a wall , using a web cam and computer vision.
  E8 (pav. 7) - Amnon Demri Demri

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical game entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Jill Hodges
Fire Tech brings its unique brand of hands on learning to the Maker Faire. Come design and fabricate with vinyl to express yourself and take home your work!

Niccolo Calandri e Riccardo Balzaretti Elia NIpoti
3bee is an IoT system designed for monitoring beehives helping researchers and beekeepers to identify bee problem.
  B13 (pav. 9) - Niccolo Calandri e Riccardo Balzaretti Elia NIpoti

Pier Calderan, Alberto Dossena
3D Delta CNC/laser that can engrave spherical surfaces the name of the winner (and the other ranked partecipants) in the bowling tournaments.
  A25 (pav. 8) - Pier Calderan, Alberto Dossena


3DiTALY introduces to you our future co-workers: the Cobots (collaborative robots with the human being).

Davide Tranchina, Salvatore Tranchina
A reproduction in FDM 3D printing of the actual tallest building in the world with a dynamic videomapping.

Davide Tranchina
A tallest reproduction in FDM 3D printing of the new tallest building in the world

Paolo Orsini, Natalia Kalinska, Diego Di Fabio, Gabriella D'Eletto, Alessandro Zaffiri, Lisa Tedeshini
Realization of Steampunk clothing and handcrafted with the help of 3D printing.
  E1 (pav. 8) - P. Orsini, N. Kalinska, D. Di Fabio, L. Tedeshini

432 Healthy Zone
WE sustainably grow fresh micro greens and herbs in modern containers ( vertical farm) in Rome city center using the positive 432 HZ music .
  A15 (pav. 9) - 432 Healthy Zone

Andrea Cruciani
Making Precision farming easier! Agricolus® make agTech tools accessible to worldwide farmers to improve production reducing wastes.

Antonio Idà
Algaria promote algae production an products as a solution for the agro-business sector

Duilio Peroni, Erica Curti, Francesca Mottola
"Looking for Thin Match Man": "plugged" reading combines thinking, creativity and technology into creating an interactive book.

Alumni Mathematica
Activities and experiences with new technologies (AI, VR, Arduino) for children and adults.

Massimo di Giulio per A3DLab
Inspired by the hexagonal honeycomb structure, it is a functional design lamp. The purpose of the project is to blend the capabilities of the 3D printer with the unique decorations that can be produced only artisanally.
  C1 (pav. 9) - A3D srl

Ennio Pirolo Veronica Vecci
AmbiensVR brings Architecture, Design and Real Estate into Virtual Reality creating interactive multiplatform projects.
  E43 (pav. 7) - Ennio Pirolo Veronica Vecci

Marco Rampin
The first and only Pro Head Amp for musical electric instuments based on the vacuum tubes class D AmpDiVa technology.
  C8 (pav. 9) - Marco Rampin

Stefano Allegri
I realized an ultra low power device that performs FFT analysis on MSP430 platform more info at the link: http://www.visualizza3d.com/analisi-spettrale-fft-msp430/

Victor Serov
Internet connected, Android based sound system
  E22 (pav. 7) - Victor Serov

Eugenio Sabatella e Massimo Marini
Equipment and sensors for IOT LoRa networks for industrial and Smart Cities applications.
  B14 (pav. 7) - PROESYS S.r.l.

  C16 (pav. 7) - Arduino

Alessandra Antonetti
Aria è una startup operante nel campo dell’ Internet of Things e che ha sviluppato una tecnologia per il comfort termico del corpo che può essere inserita all’interno di un Wearable Device.
  E19 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Edoardo Mazzaracchio - Andrea Rastelli - Graziano Pepe Muzzurru
Applied large scale 3D printing: build large and functional objects with ease, like musical instruments, cosplays, whatever you like!
  A1 (pav. 8) - Edoardo Mazzaracchio - Andrea Rastelli - Graziano Pepe Muzzurru

Fabrizio D'Eramo
ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax object, realized with antique method and new technological machineries.

ArtiMe Roma Laboratorio Arti&Mestieri Coworking Artigiani.
Old textile frame and conductive wire,Arduino led ceramic lamps,Recycled art Jewelry creation,and musical instruments sound emitters.
  E5 (pav. 8) - ArtiMe Roma Laboratorio Arti&Mestieri Coworking Artigiani.

Meacci Francesco
  E39 (pav. 7) - Meacci Francesco

Poggioni Giuseppe, Poggioni Marta
AutoMotorStrada, linear electric motor made up of permanent magnet cars and modified road with electromagnets placed under the carpet.
  E6 (pav. 7) - Giuseppe Poggioni

Azione contro la Fame
Maker Faire's partnership will help us spread the knowledge of RUTF as a revolutionary product for the cure of acute malnutrition.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden car with elastic propulsion using a "Lantern gear" by Leonardo da Vinci. Entirely hand-made with 100% recycled wood.

Guglielmo Lisi
BambooBiciLab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build your own bamboo bicycle.

Stefano Arzillo, Giancarlo Di Bella, Emilio Carlino
Mobile & Interactive mood light Arduino guided with ultrasonic and PIR sensors for bar counters.
  C15 (pav. 8) - stefano arzillo

Daniele Leandri
Batterino is an electronic drum machine made with Arduino an dome piezos.

Massimo Sabatini e Leandro Querci
We design and build small sailing and motorboats available as kits containing assembly-ready parts and materials, or already assembled.
  E21 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

BIOWAYS project
The BIOECONOMY VILLAGE promotes the Bioeconomy and the BIO-based products to the public, throught an hands-on approach.

Rosita Pavone
BioInnoTech is focused on the cheese whey recovery and conversion in high-value product through an innovative biotechnology process.
  E15 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Medaarch e K4B
BIOlogic is the first BIO fablab in southern Italy, born in October 2016 thanks to "Cradle", the incubation program promoted by Campania in Hub and realized by the Municipality of Cava de' Tirreni. Spin-off of Knowledge for Business, in collaboration with Medaarch, BIOlogic is a research center that utilizes biological manufacturing technologies both to develop new bio-matrix paradigms and to develop new manufacturing processes in the manufacturing field.

Renato Reggiani
  B4 (pav. 9) - Renato Reggiani

Simone Cardillo
BioPile is an indoor growing column for vegetables, fully automatic, elegant, quite, sustainable.

Massimo e Mattia Cestra
The project was implemented in collaboration between me my 12 year old . It consists of a series of Automated Biosphere Managed by Arduino and a dedicated APP, the biosphere is with only plants with fish plants and shrimp plants. The app serves to monitor the quality of air and water and alert you in case of anomalies or water shortage, with the addition of some sensors and it is possible to monitor everything in the room together with the biosphere and thanks IOT systems to be Alert or interact. This project, in addition to wanting to divulge this terrarium model, wants to test different sensors and collect data on water and air quality, temperature, humidity sensor, etc. to demonstrate that it is possible to create a low cost IOT network To monitor your home or neighborhood.

Daniela Curion, Università La Sapienza
Eating insects is a near reality, our promt is to find the better way to make it funny
  B39 (pav. 9) - Daniela Curion, Università La Sapienza

Hugo Plácido da Silva
BITalino is a low-cost toolkit to learn and prototype using biosignals, designed for students, makers, artists, researchers... no electrical skills required!


The machine is moved by two brushless motors actuated by two levers, through that you can choose the direction. System control is below of the chair. The power supply is through a lithium battery (18Ah)

Massimo di Giulio per A3DLab
The sinuous shapes of the female body are used to create a design lamp which in 3 different ways propagates light in the environments. The busties have been scanned to truly represent the characteristics of the female body and then printed in 3d with different materials.
  C1 (pav. 9) - A3D srl

Sintegy S.r.l.
A new way of conceiving Bottle: flat and innovative form. An object of design, easy to carry, reusable, innovative materials with antibacterial function ...

Dj Jack
Hack Midi Mask merges Djing and Technology. This customized add-on evolves a simple audio mixer into an integrated Audio/Midi controller.
  D5 (pav. 7) - Dj Jack

Beatriz Hernandez de Azcarate
It's a bucket made by Transparent or varnished color PVC susceptible to carry a fresh bottle inside of a cooler gel sleeve or with ice but without any risk of leakage because of his hermetical seal made by four folds. It can be customised.
  B32 (pav. 9) - Beatriz Hernandez de Azcarate

Giovanni Volpi
From 3d printing, turn your desk into a professional bowling lane.

Eunchan Park
BuskingBot: Robot Musician.

Carlo Fonda, Marco Baruzzo
A low-cost D-I-Y Diffusion Cloud Chamber controlled by Arduino, that by using a matrix of Peltier cells for the second and third cooling stage don't need the constant feed of dry ice, so that it can work continuously. The first stage uses two aquarium coolers and a water circuit.
  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

CARE srl
CareBag is an assembly kit for eco-sustainable bags. An environmentally and socially responsible product: Do It Yourself & Sustainability together.

Marcella Stilo
Cartalana is a small brand of eco-friendly artifacts! These are entirely handmade jewelry with upcycle paper.

Mobile Information Center Come on board our bus and experience how is sailors life at sea through its sophisticated infotainment system, which will allow you t …
  E47 (pav. 7) - MARINA MILITARE

Bruno Laurencich
An open hardware-software framework based on inertial sensors that anyone can use to build a human motion capture system.
  E40 (pav. 7) - Bruno Laurencich

Cordioli Mattia
This project is a representation of an ordinary machine present in most of the games rooms and differs from the others as there is installed a camera for a top view and a module that manages the centralized payment by means of rechargeable cards.

SoulRoboX® s.r.l.
Device for sanitizing of smartphone and other electronic devices, it can removes viruses and bacteria from users'appliances making them cleaner and safer.

Giulio Cesarelli
Cleep is the world’s first experience band that allow you take photo and video from your wrist.

Cooperativa Climax
An educational path that sees the student at the heart of a process of training and realization of 3D products (anatomical parts, cellular organisms, etc.) useful for learning and improving their didactic path.

Aleksandar Dlabac
Clockwork Briefcase is crazy, award winning, electronic bomb deactivation cooperative multiplayer game, simulating a real electronic bomb in the briefcase.
  E21 (pav. 7) - Aleksandar Dlabac

Ariia labs - ariialabs.com
CloudGarden bridges the gap between novice gardeners and experts: see your plants thrive and share the results for everyone’s benefit.

Giacomo Scotto Mario Barra Giacomo Ruggeri Massimiliano Russo Marco Quattrocchi
Cocò, the puppet from far away that reacts to the external urges creating empathy with who stands next to it.
  A14 (pav. 4) - G. Scotto, M. Barra, G. Ruggeri, M. Russo, M. Quattrocchi

Associazione DiScienza
Coding Station is your personal computer. Ready to start coding.
  D10 (pav. 4) - Associazione DiScienza

Cold Detector is an innovative hardware/software technology support to be in compliance with HACCP and industry standards about cold rooms.

Marco Vailati
An innovative concept for infill panels and partitions in which (either concrete or clay) blocks are connected, rather than with the usual mortar layers, by means of recycled-plastic joints with dissipative mechanism of the seismic energy

Gianni Alessandroni, Daniele Storni
Quakebots registers every vibration on buildings and other structures, and immediately detects out-of-normal parameters thanks to his artificial intelligence algorithms.
  D7 (pav. 7) - Gianni Alessandroni, Daniele Storni

Robert Fitzsimons
Point the umbrella towards the sky to see the stars.
  B19 (pav. 9) - Robert Fitzsimons

Fabio Sannino
Italian handcrafted real wood cases. It combines the maximum strength of polycarbonate with the beauty of the best selected woods , to ensure protection and style to your smartphone.
  C38 (pav. 8) - Fabio Sannino

Edoardo Imparato, Francesco Majno e Marco Parrinello
Crické produces and markets healthy, eco-friendly and incredibly tasty insect- based food products
  B40 (pav. 9) - Edoardo Imparato, Francesco Majno e Marco Parrinello

Daniele Leandri
Cromofono is a musical instrument that can play colors

Sara Sossi
Cromopolis is a souvenir kit which contains a city map, a notebook, a pencil and postcards. It gives voyagers the opportunity to ‘live’ the city and have a personal memory of it through a fun component: the interaction with monuments with the frottage technique of the pints of interest's icons.

Open community lab and research centre over applied arts and technologies in San Dona' di Piave (Venice Metropolitan Area, Italy).

M. Moschettini, L. Posani, S. Onofri, A. Cillario
Cubbit invents the Community Cloud. The peers connect their storage and create the first distributed data center. Peer-to-peer, unlimited, for free. Take back the cloud!
  E16 (pav. 8) - Cubbit

M. Moschettini, L. Posani, S. Onofri, A. Cillario
Cubbit invents the Community Cloud. The peers connect their storage and create the first distributed data center. Peer-to-peer, unlimited, for free. Take back the cloud!

Lavinia Franceschini
Collection of four forged bronze rings with different shapes and finishes inspired by the type of manufacture and the leopard and serpent mantle.


DamA Academy
DamA Academy presents Supernova Vehicle, an open source chassis for 2-wheel vehicles, electric powered. Durable, sustainable, customizable.

Giuseppe Caccavale
​Danyboard is an open-source electronic prototyping platform. It is small, low energy and easily programmable. Designed for the IoT and wearable devices.
  C4 (pav. 8) - Giuseppe Caccavale

Marzia Grammatico
Handmade greedy Boxes of traditional and cake design confectionery , almost real furnishing accessories , thanks to creative study on reusing materials

Associazione DiScienza
DiScienza EduKit. Interactive Science activities. Technology and science for all

Giulio Limongelli
I print digital files in the darkroom using a self- made retro-innovative digital magnifier “Digingranditore”.

Tribù Digitale
Digital School by Tribù Digitale is the first school of digital culture for kids 3 to 16 years aged.
  A10 (pav. 4) - Tribù Digitale

Bare Conductive
Bare Conductive makes sensing tools for engineers, designers, and makers. Come to our stand for a chance to play with our demos and see what you can make when you combine Electric Paint with the Touch Board and Pi Cap!

Associazione DiScienza
Drone for Kids. A mini aviary where you can try to pilot a mini-drone safety.
  E9 (pav. 4) - Associazione DiScienza

Leonardo Fumagalli, Giulia Grandi, Enrica Lauricella, Francesco Noli, Lu Chi Ju
An interactive game aimed at children aged 3 to 6, combining tradition with technology. DUFI guides the child in learning physical quantities through a fun and intuitive design.
  A7 (pav. 4) - L. Fumagalli, G. Grandi, E. Lauricella, F. Noli, Lu Chi Ju

The Saving
The system provides home-based proactive care by simultaneously providing diagnostic assistance, continuous, automatic and remote monitoring and emergency response.

e-r.io is Arduino compatible boards & add-ons manufacturer from Croatia who provides accompanying educational content - 100% open source.

SpaceEXE srl
System to improve the accuracy of mobile devices positioning in real time, to create value-added services.

Arch. Rodolfo BRANDI (CEO) & Ing. Christian RICCIARINI (CO-Founder)
The first project of Sharing Economy and Circular Economy for the Building&Construction Sector, in support of the territory and with a high social impact.
  E22 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by
RoboRover M1 Education is a four-wheeled educational robot for studying how to program self-driving (autonomous) vehicles. RoboRover M1 Education also is the ideal solution for studying at home and in the STEM discipline class. STEM is science (Science), technology (Technologies), engineering (Engineering) and mathematics (Math).

Art is therapy
Egloo is a new eco-friendly way to heat, scent and humidify your room enclosed in a smart product with a unique design.

Marco Lattanzi Antinori, Emiliano Diaferia
Our goal is to give a new life to vintage household appliances now turned into amazing audio devices.

Creative Point team
Trendy, unique laser cutting emroidered jewelry from plywood and leather. Connection of new technologies and traditional craft.
  C23 (pav. 8) - Slovak Business Agency - Creative Point department

Giuseppe Torino
How to measure the instantaneous power absorbed by the electrical system and send it to a display and sound a buzzer if max power is reached. Based on ATMega628.

Antonello Avella
Eniplotter is a mini plotter made with arduino that allows you to create fantastic gadgets

Antonello Avella
Eniprinter 3d is a 3d printer completely made with profiles 4040 of aluminium, with printer plate of 21x21x21(cm)

KRICA design
EVADO is an amusing and creative solution for escaping briefly from reality.

Evgenia Elkind
Union between technology and tradition, exalting the characteristics of individuals materials, inseparable connection between form and technology: these are the concepts of my work!

Elena Papetti, Elena Pierri, Stefano Grimaldi, Nader Al Khatib, Matteo Di Sora, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Ilaria Des Santis, Luigi Rinaldi, Bruno Ambrogio,Ermanno De Giuli,
Collaboration project between different reality and people who want to work with passion to favor the growth of the territory.

FabLab Cuneo
FabLab Kids is a fun way to learn English and about the world of technology at the same time!
  A8 (pav. 7) - A.P.S. FABLABCUNEO

Fabricademy, coordinated by Anastasia Pistofidou, Cecilia Raspanti and Fiore Basile
Fabricademy is a transdisciplinary course at the intersection of soft fabrication, textiles and biology.

Leonardo Perronace
Tree health data collection program with an electronic device that analyzes abnormal tree oscillations.

Fabrizio Pasquero, Fabrizio Mesiano, Alessandro Severini
Felfil Evo is a plastic filament extruder to make custom 3D printing filaments starting from industrial pellet, old 3D models and plastic waste.
  A5 (pav. 8) - Fabrizio Pasquero, Fabrizio Mesiano, Alessandro Severini, Marzia Doro

Associazione di Promozione Sociale Sinergie
The Silk production Chain: innovation and technology in order to make silk thread for hand craft items "made in Italy".

Giorgio Sadolfo, Francesco Ceccherelli, Stefania De Roberto, Andrea Gattini
Filo is a small Bluetooth tracking device that helps you find your valuables with the help of a free app.
  C2 (pav. 7) - G. Sadolfo, F. Ceccherelli, S. De Roberto, A. Gattini

Dipartimento di Fisica Sapienza Università di Roma & Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Are you a teacher? Want to turn you into a teacher-maker? Three days are enough, with our school of physics with Arduino and smartphones.

Amnon Demri - Quickest-Owl
flexibel rc robot made from foam
  E8 (pav. 7) - Amnon Demri Demri

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Massimiliano Aiazzi
Wooden mechanical pinball machine entirely hand-made (with 90% recycled wood), with "Leonardian" gears.

Enrique Canessa, Livio Tenze
Using Fresnel lens, we developed a protoype for seeing, and interacting with, "floating faces" broadcasted live via mobile devices.
  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

FieldEffect Labs
Build your personal indoor greenhouse with "Foglia"! A powerful cloud-based monitoring system which allows to monitor and control your plants with your smartphone!

Pellegrino Cucciniello
Folding Pets are colorfull and faceted animals in small and big size. They are 3D sculptures made from 2D materials

Marcella Pozza, Nicola Pozza
The dress is a brotherhood collaboration and was inspired to the 1700. It contains LEDs and fans that can be actioned through a smartphone thanks to Arduino programming. The future meets the past only in dreams

Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Tinkering to start innovation
  E2 (pav. 4) - Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Fabrizio Doremi, Alessio Poliandri, Roberto Massi, Luigi Lucentini
FoodiesTrip is an innovative startup that has accepted the new challenge of the web: fight against fake news
  E24 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Antonio Di Giovanni
Funghi Espresso è una startup innovativa, che produce funghi freschi in modo sostenibile e naturale, utilizzando il fondo di caffè proveniente dai bar e dai ristoranti del territorio come substrato per la coltivazione. Oltre alla produzione di funghi freschi, Funghi Espresso è specializzata nella produzione di substrato pronto per la coltivazione di funghi (kit). Il modello Funghi Espresso è ispirato alla teoria della Blue Economy (teoria economica sviluppata all’economista Gunter Pauli), dove gli scarti di un ciclo produttivo sono riutilizzati in altri cicli produttivi, in un effetto chiamato a “cascata”. I sistemi produttivi quindi non sono visti in maniera distinta e separata gli uni dagli altri, ma in modo integrato dove gli scarti provenienti da un ciclo produttivo possono essere recuperati o riciclati in un altro ciclo produttivo per generare nuova energia, nuova ricchezza e nuovi posti di lavoro.
  B38 (pav. 9) - Antonio Di Giovanni

The food maker area at the European Maker Faire Rome, invites to to go on a journey around the whole food value chain and introduces you to the protagonists of the food maker movement.The Food Maker Area at the European Maker Faire offers makers and the general public a vast array of events, conferences, workshops, laboratories, and projects destined to change the world of food, overseen by our Future Food, the Bolognese trust dedicated to food and innovation. Some examples? Automated greenhouses that can be managed with a click, 3D food printers, sensors for decoding the content of foods, plus special dishes like seaweed and insects that might just rock our culinary worlds. But innovation and technology literally came together where food is king: the kitchen!

Aurélien Rodot
Gamebuino is a retro console to play tetris, pong, pacman… but most importantly, learn to make your own games!

Stefano Berti
GETCOO is a startup specialized in the development of Computer Vision based solutions.
  E23 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Incredibly cheap and ridiculously accurate alternative to expansive market gimbal solution

Valeria D'Annibale
Contemporary jewellery that i designed, 3D print and hand dye to create unique statement pieces, inspired by Nature and the mathematical rules that guide it.

Goliath is the autonomous CNC machine tool to mill, cut and engrave anywhere, boundless.

Valerio Joe Utzeri - Anisa Ribani - Giuseppina Schiavo - Samuele Bovo - Claudia Geraci
GRIFFA detects every single ingredient, allergens and pathogens comparing DNA in all types of food with a private database.
  B36 (pav. 9) - V. Joe Utzeri - A. Ribani - G. Schiavo - S. Bovo - C. Geraci

Davide Fiori, Pietro Nonis, Lorenzo Merlotti, Giulio Carlassare, Daniele Alberti
Wearable device with sensors that can help the user to cook. You will be guided, directly on your glove, to make the recipe chosen on an app.
  B37 (pav. 9) - D. Fiori, P. Nonis, L. Merlotti, G. Carlassare, D. Alberti

Torbjørn Ludvigsen
Print Big at Low Cost

hArt is a robot that can transform data from the environment into abstract art.

TanzoLab Project
Harvest1 is an air quality ISM 868MHz radio sensor fully powered by solar or artificial light by a 2x2 cm solar cell. It's an open-hardware and open-source design.

Michele Barone
RGB panel HAT is a complete open hardware and open source solution to build your own RGB panel for digital signage up to 280x57 cm.
  C7 (pav. 7) - NETHOME snc di Barone M. & M.

Emanuela Amadio, Stefano Colarelli e Associazione Riqua
Hi-Storia products "speaking monuments" printed in 3D together with students to make the cultural heritage accessible to visually impaired people
  B1 (pav. 8) - Emanuela Amadio, Stefano Colarelli e Associazione Riqua

Gabriele Ermacora
HotBlack Robotics vuole democratizzare, ovvero rendere accessibile a tutti, la robotica tramite la tecnologia abilitante del cloud computing e IoT: creando così la cloud robotics.
  E25 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Anthony Byron Prada, Claudio Joel Giovini, Christian Albano Giovini, Domenico Palladino, Marco Caputo
HotBox, device for food-delivery that keeps food at high temperature and humidity at a controlled level specifically design for pizza.
  C41 (pav. 8) - A. Byron Prada, C. J. Giovini, C. A. Giovini, D. Palladino, M. Caputo

Avishay Orpaz
Test how fast you are!
  E34 (pav. 7) - Avishay Orpaz

Roman Sakun
Hushme is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space offices and public places.
  C7 (pav. 8) - Roman Sakun

Diletta Piarulli, Michele Di Corato, Giacomo Ciresola, Konstantinos Charilaou
It's an interactive tent that helps kids to deal with emotions. The children start the game using cards and watch what happens with the lighs.
  A15 (pav. 4) - D. Piarulli, M. Di Corato, G. Ciresola, K. Charilaou

Riccardo Romagnoli Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti i-Telex
The Teleprinter world and its old network as it was yesterday and how we bring it back to life in today's Internet era. It is possible to chat with a teleprinter made in the 50's and connected to a network of collectors around the world from Australia to Europe or Canada or you can punch your name on a punched tape. You can send an email to an old telex machine and see how it prints it.
  D24 (pav. 8) - Riccardo Romagnoli Gruppo Internazionale Collezionisti i-Telex

Amnon Demri - Quickest-Owl
IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) IR TOY for children's
  E8 (pav. 7) - Amnon Demri Demri

Lorenzo Palma, Alberto Belli, Simone Valenti, Paola Pierleoni.
Light color and intensity follow the circadian rhythms of creatures thanks to the new WiSense wireless IPv6 sensors
  C12 (pav. 8) - Lorenzo Palma, Alberto Belli, Simone Valenti, Paola Pierleoni.

Electronic controller for homebrewers and microbreweries. Fully customizable, powered by two cores for an improved user experience.

Kristof Nagy
Serket is a software company. Our recognition software helps farmers to monitor and trace their pigs individually and automatically with any cameras. It solves the animal health and/or food safety concerns with a technology that is already available and used in other industries. Without Serket, farmers would have to use smart tagging, which is cost prohibitive for the majority.
  B17 (pav. 9) - Kristof Nagy

Loic De Buck
Automation controllers that bridge the worlds of makers and real industry.

Knowledge for Business
Knowledge for Business - a company specializing in services for innovation and industrial research - will present at Maker Faire “Innovation Village 2018 …
  E15 (pav. 7) - Knowledge for Business

Creative Point team
Beautiful qooden lamp, hydroponic flower pot, moody wooden diary - quick and easy way how to teach people 2D modelling.
  C23 (pav. 8) - Slovak Business Agency - Creative Point department

Andreas Kopp, Andreas Reheis, Pascal Schessl, Phillip Assmann
Erfindergarden is a fab lab, hackerspace and playground for kids and teenagers in Munich. At Maker Faire Rome 2017 you can try out our modded nerf guns at our chocolate marshmallow shooting range.
  E23 (pav. 7) - erfindergarden - inventorgarden nerf gun modding team

New control of a three-axis 3D printer with use from 4 to n different colors
  A7 (pav. 8) - Roberto Saraceno

Luca Cassioli
An ESP8266 placed at home continuously updates an user page with its public dynamic IP, which becomes always knowable.
  E10 (pav. 7) - Luca Cassioli

Lapo Cecconi
Kinoa si occupa di integrazione di Big data con tecnologie di IOT. Kinoa è ideatrice di Kimap, prima ecosistema digitale a supporto della mobilità dei disabili.
  E18 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

INDEXLAB: Pierpaolo Ruttico, Gabriele Viscardi, Carlo Beltracchi, Salvatore Urso, Marco Guarany
This project aims to rethink the conventional static architectural space through a combination of non-standard geometries and interactive responses.

Innovation Gym - FabLab
Kit Cut aims to increase the creative, digital, manual, and design skills that are essential to the holistic learning process.

Davide Aloisi e Alessio Di Brigida
L.E.O. is a robot capable of improving and facilitating learning in schools and not only by having fun.

Barbara Pozzi - OLFATTIVA
Astral Perfume is the "olfactory photography" of your sky at birth: an algorithm calculates the natal chart and Grasshopper translates it in the mixture of essential oils.

Luigi Cuppone
Laboratorio Linfa è un'impresa artigiana che progetta e produce mobili e sistemi d'arredo per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Sonia Perini
Technology, crafts, passion for fashion and machineries are the reasons that have helped me to design unique laser cutting techniques materials and techniques

Marco Verducci, Patrizia Danese, Yannick Fotio
LACTOSOLUTION is lactase enzyme 15.000 FCC supplement to help people with lactose intolerance to eat whatever they want.
  B31 (pav. 9) - Marco Verducci, Patrizia Danese, Yannick Fotio

Plato Design (Alessandro Mattei e Caterina Naglieri)
Plato Design lamps combine the "magic" of new electricity transmission methods with the beauty of materials and details.
  C16 (pav. 8) - Plato Design (Alessandro Mattei e Caterina Naglieri)

Pietro Moscetta, Felice Nibaldi, Gary Gasbarri
Arduino compatible led light bulbs with radio or WiFi technology.
  B9 (pav. 7) - Pietro Moscetta, Felice Nibaldi, Gary Gasbarri

Creative Point team
Plexiglass robotic arm which is controlled by potentiometers, Arduino UNO, movement is performed by servomotors.
  C23 (pav. 8) - Slovak Business Agency - Creative Point department

FabLab München e.V.
Open-source laser engraver to make PCB prototypes by direct laser ablation of the copper layer

Alessandro Biagetti, Marco Falasca, Volodymyr Iavarone A. , Marta Speziale
To share the aquaponic system, we use our prototype to show how make a self-made automatic facility for home use.
  B8 (pav. 9) - Alessandro Biagetti, Marco Falasca, Volodymyr Iavarone A.Marta Speziale

Matteo Davide Brambilla, Alessandro Martinelli, Pasquale Fazio
Lexicon implements the child's cognitive, visual, and lexical skills. Increasing vocabulary already at an early age is critical to the development and growth of each child.
  A18 (pav. 4) - Matteo Davide Brambilla, Alessandro Martinelli, Pasquale Fazio

Tech Team srl, dMake
Light & glow is a simple idea that combines paper and a luminescent photo polymers obtained from 3D printing.

Ranjini Manimudi; Toyesh Kumar Mondal
An INTELLIGENT Lighting Fixture that would relax you, sing for you, flash important messages for you and LIGHT UP based on your activity and need!

Fabrizio Alberton
LightLife is a plexiglas pyramidal lamp that drives a RGB addressable led ring through an ESP8266 Wifi microcontroller. the peculiarity is that It doesn't need any app to be controlled.

Luca Shindler
LILI-1 is a prototype of a low-cost platform for the monitoring of atmospheric pollutants (NO2, O3, PM10 e PM2.5).
  C8 (pav. 7) - Luca Shindler

Red Pill
Lost In The Ocean VR is one of the first survival game, developed specifically for Virtual Reality.
  E31 (pav. 7) - Red Pill

Davide Marin
Develop and idea, crowdfund for it and finally deliver a real product: this is the story of Lumipocket LT. From Makers to Makers!
  B7 (pav. 7) - Lumi Industries srl - Davide Marin

Gloria Spagnolo
The kits of Make and Play kits are useful to bring kids closer to electronic, robotic, coding and digital fabrication.
  C2 (pav. 4) - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto S.r.l.

KRICA design
MAKEBA is a collection combining the precision of the machine with the expertise of the hands.

Maksim Masalski
Maker Kit E1it is an educational electronic kit for those who are interested in learning about simple electronics creation.

Mattley, Makers at work e Stefano il Falegname
Woodworking processing and its derivatives with numerical control machines and traditional manual tools
  A22 (pav. 8) - Mattley, Makers at work e Stefano il Falegname

Albert Gajšak, Emil Gajšak, Zoran Gajšak, Domagoj Štivić, Bruno Mastelić ivić (the MAKERbuino team)
MAKERbuino - have fun soldering your own Arduino-based game system and learn something new along the way!
  E25 (pav. 7) - A. GajÅ¡ak, E. GajÅ¡ak, Z. GajÅ¡ak, D. Å tivić, B. Mastelić ivić

Daniela Bertol
'making moving healing': a structure and psychosomatic practice, where the human body makes geometric forms. Mathematical beauty inspires moving meditations.

Giacomo Bizzarri
Mashcream is an innovative express production of homemade ice cream, without traditional laboratory.
  B34 (pav. 9) - Giacomo Bizzarri

Matteo Sturniolo & C.
Design is a tile that him luminal passage of the people a particular version evenig it is also anticipated thermal.
  C14 (pav. 8) - Matteo Sturniolo

Francesco Ficili, Anna Falco
The Mercury System is a modular HW/SW development system which simplifies design and implementation of Connectivity and IoT applications.

Massimiliano Cerioni
“Metastring” is an augmented electroacoustic monochord. Cerioni and A3DLab will employ 3D modelling and printing to design an alternative prototype.

Sergio Cattaneo
+Room +Health +Trees = Evolved Furniture: a different way of thinking, buliding, using, transforming and deposing of furniture.

Stefano Arzillo, Giancarlo Di Bella, Emilio Carlino
MicroMusem know where the subject is located and orient the object towards him changing illumination
  C15 (pav. 8) - stefano arzillo

Nicola Pellegrinon
The mini snes retrogaming, built at FabLab Belluno, It combines the Rasp Pi electronics with the 3D Printer to create a universal open retrogaming platform.
  C36 (pav. 8) - N. Pellegrinon, C. Dudca, M. Cappellari, L. Marcato, L. De Luca

TryeCo 2.0 srl e weAR srl
MIX is an interactive app for the promotion and communication of Cultural Heritage.

Leonardo Stamati - Dante Daniel Cruz Velasquez
The semi-automated cocktail machine with sophisticated and exclusive design is promoted by the Made in Italy brand.
  B23 (pav. 9) - Leonardo Stamati - Dante Daniel Cruz Velasquez

Zou Mengzuo, Sportelli Roberto, Piccolo Michela, Panciera Gabriele, Grassano Chiara
Moji is an interactive game that teaches children to recognize emotions through the use of facial expressions, lights and sounds!
  A16 (pav. 4) - M. Zou, R. Sportelli, M. Piccolo, G. Panciera, C. Grassano

Iliana Morelli
Montessori 3D project maximizes the usability and inclusivity of Montessorian pedagogy in all educational contexts, reproducing Montessori material through 3D printing, laser cutting, and other technologies, using “open source” file for the design, while reducing overall costs and giving us the possibility to replace broken pieces.

Flavio Di Gregorio
It’s a perfectly working 3D printed replica of a internal combustion engine.
  B13 (pav. 8) - Associazione Smart Lab

Demetrio Condello
Initially born to help people that knead bread and pizza to obtain a better product, the project has evolved to include also a dryer to be used to preserve food

Federico Perricone
Muybridge's Revenge proposes paper viewers and animations to cut, fold and glue. The project is geared towards toy, education, collectibles and promotional product industries.

Domenico Formenton
MySupervisor is an innovative line of controllers for domotic and civil automation, which can be easily programmed with popular languages.
  D4 (pav. 7) - Domenico Formenton

Hector Esteller
We have created a low-cost SLS 3D printer: the SLS VIT. It will extend its use to a wider range of people from architects to designers who currently can not afford industrial SLS printers, although using 3D printing services with this technology.

Michele Barone
NetHome-Pi - OpenHAB controller with 7 inch capacitive touch for Ikea Tradfri and Espressif ESP8266 devices

Jacopo Diamanti, Pierluigi Cox
An interactive biology lab, modular and always connected. Control the box with your smartphone to develop an autonomous ecosystem.

Virgilio Claudio Campobasso
In this work we're presenting project and implementation of an experimental prototype about a Natural User Interface controlling a smart lamp Arduino Uno/Primo or ESPertino, and MS Kinect based.
  E41 (pav. 7) - Virgilio Claudio Campobasso

Alain Pannetrat
Omzlo is a simple “wired” network of Arduino-compatible IoT nodes based on CAN-bus technology.
  A4 (pav. 7) - Alain Pannetrat

Creative Point team
Own fidget spinner is special because it is made on laser cutter by using common bicycle bearings and to balance all system we use bright nut.
  C23 (pav. 8) - Slovak Business Agency - Creative Point department

Emilio Cavarretta, Andrea Passini, Biagio Tagliaferro, Riccardo Taglienti
Adopt a vegetable garden wherever you are! Choose the vegetables, follow their growth and get the harvest to your home.
  B6 (pav. 9) - Emilio Cavarretta, Andrea Passini, Biagio Tagliaferro, Riccardo Taglienti

Roberto Lo Giacco, Matteo Chiessi
Boost your CNC milling skills with a simple spindle attachment: you never thought it could be so easy!

Silvio Scena
Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (12 dynamic keys ) can be assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard.

Silvio Rossetto, Mirco Piccin
Turn (almost) any electronic device into an digital one: IOT without pain.

Laboratori Didattici di Fabio & Giulia e La Tata Robotica
  Laboratori Didattici di Fabio & Giulia e La Tata Robotica

Pasta Diamantata
  B22 (pav. 9) - Pasta Diamantata

Società FITH S.r.l.s.
Motorized LifeSaving electric roller skate with too motor voters To low tension and sistem of recovery wich BACK.
  C14 (pav. 8) - Matteo Sturniolo

Elisa and Paolo Legnani
Simple and lightweight Pellet Extruder compatible with Prusa i3 and many other personal and professional 3D printers.
  A10 (pav. 8) - Elisa and Paolo Legnani

François Xavier Faucher & Fabien Jonckheere
  D20 (pav. 8) - François Xavier Faucher & Fabien Jonckheere

Daniele Leandri
Pitturino is a Device to create color from a selected pixel in a picture.
  C6 (pav. 9) - Daniele Leandri

Edoardo Taori
Plants Play is a pocket device that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees. Through two electrodes settled on the leaves, Plants Play converts electric plant variations into music notes, and send them by bluetooth on your smartphone.

This project mixes VR with physical interaction as a mixed-interactive sound installation.
  D3 (pav. 7) - Curiosibot

Mirco Piccin
playROS is a project to explain how ROS (Robot Operating System) works, by playing a simple and well known game: Tic Tac Toe.
  B17 (pav. 7) - FabLab Castelfranco Veneto S.r.l.

PlayWood team
PlayWood is a innovative modular furniture system that combines connectors and boards to create custom furinutre. Download design, assemble and disassemble your forniture, realize new shape, recycle the material. PlayWood furnitures are not only products but a contemporary sharing platform for maker and designer.

Polizia di Stato
The Postal and Communications Police exhibits two digital forensics tools which copy and analyze data stored in the memory of devices. One can be used with desk …
  F5 (pav. 7) - Polizia di Stato

Flavio Prattico, Carmine Gianfagna, Carmelo Cera, Tomassino Ferrauto
ThePolyShaper technology is the mean through we can reproduce 3D models on the expanded polystyrene.

José Salatino
Portrait Painter: A robot that paints portraits with brushes and paint. No points, no lines, only real brush strokes
  C18 (pav. 9) - José Salatino

Alessandro Squatrito, Tommaso Laterza, Davide Gomba, Pier Luigi Vona, Silvia Galfo, Cristina Bignante, Edoardo Tenani, Officine Innesto
The apartment of the future, the testbed for IoT solutions and Open Design Casa Jasmina is represented from a nice, interactive, Postcard! Come and see us and chat with the home of the future.

Potty II is an automated watering and lighting solution for plants.

Pasquale Longo, Michele Longo
Powahome is a small wifi device that allows you to control the switches you already have in your house.
  E37 (pav. 7) - Pasquale Longo, Michele Longo

Poggioni Giuseppe
A device that protects the environment from carbon monoxide leaks, from dangerous gas leaks and resulting dangerous deflagrations.

stars, planets, satellites become detailed hand painted lamps. to touch, learn and have fun with science! ..and for charity :)

Qmod is a fun way for children to learn, explore and create with electricity found in common everyday objects.

Daniele Leandri
Quattroquarti - Musical run is an innovative tool to learn music. It is a third person videogame in wich the player should catch and play the more correct notes he can in the right tempo and with the correct expression.


  F8 (pav. 7) - RAI

Spencer Owen
A Z80 based homebrew computer kit.

Marco Casalgrandi
ReCycle was born in 2008 to restore old bikes, customizing them according to the needs and desires of the owners. ​ In 2013 we created the first prototype of Cargo Bike starting from an old '90s MTB frame. After 3 years of testing and feedback collection, in 2016 we designed a new frame and started our first production batch.
  C40 (pav. 8) - Marco Casalgrandi

Mattia Morghen , Marco Marini
Much more than just a wireless charger for your smartphone : Alarm - Cinema - Date - Photoslider -Weather

Alessandro Cives
The Tonal Ruler helps to identify the notes that are needed to perform or even to the composition of a musical track whose tonality has changed by necessity.

Daniele Dondi, Diego Savio Branciforti, Simone Lazzaroni
Development of light curable resins from vegetable oils
  B3 (pav. 8) - Daniele Dondi, Diego Savio Branciforti, Simone Lazzaroni, Carla Augello

ResQ is also of help for immigrants: through the exchange of social experiences it is in fact possible to develop integration and emancipation of the single user.

Francesco Di Luzio & Luca Paolo Vasa (Noii Design Studio)
RIALZOO is a booster seat for children, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, easy to assemble, lightweight, transportable and eco-friendly.
  C39 (pav. 8) - Francesco Di Luzio & Luca Paolo Vasa (Noii Design Studio)

KRICA design
Ideal Accessory for your wardrobe. Riccia la gruccia is the solution to organize your space. Designed to Hang any garment.

Francesca Leone
The recycling of inner tube. It is has proven to be a material very well suited to make handmade jewellery and accessories.
  C31 (pav. 8) - Francesca Leone

Dmitry Vasilenko, Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by
RoboCards -an electronic DIY-postcards for present and for creation. RoboCards it is eye-catching and imaginative electronic postcards kits that can be assembled without glue or soldering.

Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by
RoboCat K1 -educational toy-robot for kids aged 8-14, which was specially designed to study STEAM disciplines, practical and not boring programming in Scratch, robotics, physics and electronics.

Silver Kuusik, Ivana Atanasova
RoboKoding enables children to learn electronics, robotics and programming in a fun, interactive and collaborative way.

Robot Band
  Robot Band

Giorgia Pontetti
A new generation appliance for fresh & clean food directly in your home. No expertize...just seed and let RobotFarm cultivates for you!

Rural Hack
  A5 (pav. 9) - Rural Hack

Roberto Lo Giacco, Alessandro Surian, Annamaria Marini, Rosario Tedesco, Alberto De Nichilo, Toni Scotti
StarWars galaxy might be not as far far away as you thought with a LEDsaber in your hands.
  A30 (pav. 8) - AgileWare

Luca Cassioli
Keep your battery safe and your standby consumption low thanks to this device.
  E10 (pav. 7) - Luca Cassioli

Luca Cassioli
Electronically lock furniture containing dangerous stuff for children (knives, soaps, lighters,...), and unlock with your NFC wirstband!

Cultura Italiae, GmgProgettoCultura, Franco Losvizzero
Cultura Italiae in collaborazione con GmgProgettoCultura, porterà l'arte contemporanea all'interno del Maker Faire. L'arte, appropriandosi del processo innovativo e delle tecniche del nuovo artigianato digitale, propone ai partecipanti una immedesimazione e una compartecipazione all'interno di uno spazio virtuale e reale allo stesso tempo, che si traduce in una materialità visiva, circolare e prismatica, dell’ immaterialità del pensiero artistico. Ad opera dell'artista Franco Losvizzero il processo si fonde con la realtà aumentata per permettere al partecipante di comprendere il qui e ora della creazione artistica. Accanto all' opera di Franco Losvizzero, verrà proposta un'installazione che nasce dall'esperimento realizzato da una rivista letteraria internazionale on-line, dove prosa e poesia sono generate da un' Intelligenza Artificiale.
  A12 (pav. 8) - Cultura Italiae, GmgProgettoCultura, Franco Losvizzero

Maurizio Sergiusti G.
Scoobafish is a sustainable project for the recycling of junk in our environment.

Lorenzo De Luca, Leonardo Marcato
An easy keyboard for elder people.
  C36 (pav. 8) - N. Pellegrinon, C. Dudca, M. Cappellari, L. Marcato, L. De Luca

Davide Tranchina, Andrea Petrucci
Shell-O is a shell of shellfish, able to shell out 1kg of telline in 5 minutes. at no extra cost and using fresh products.

Gaia Fior
It's a modified IKEA table with a sensitive glass surface that can sense the weight of an object and give a feedback using RGB LED under the glass, right on the spot where an object (or a hand) is placed. It uses a triangulation algorithm that read data from three load cells on which the glass surface is placed. All is controlled by an Arduino and it's opensource.
  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

Mattia Fochesato
You can drive LEGO models as a real car with steering wheel and pedals.
  A2 (pav. 4) - Mattia Fochesato

Sintesi Sud srl
  B16 (pav. 7) - Sintesi Sud srl

Roberto Basile, Irina Zinitch
Our invention relates to a heel replacement system in women shoe specifically designed with engagement devices to replace the heels.

Salvatore Tranchina
What if eating vegetable could be an enjoying, funny experience? Slim slime it' a natural, safe alternative toy that allows your kids to eat veggies, having fun.

You like Arduino, your projects are getting bigger and you feel the Arduino IDE is not powerful enough? This is about Sloeber a free, open source, Eclipse IDE to ease your development efforts! This represents a completely free and open Arduino IDE alternative! Download the product, unpack and play!

Stefano Arzillo, Giancarlo Di Bella, Emilio Carlino
Motorized mobile lights, using ultrasonic sensors to identify the people's presence using movements and lights.
  C15 (pav. 8) - stefano arzillo

FabLab Cuneo, Danilo Avalle, Cristian Martina, Enrico Beltramo, Alessandro Marcon , Roberto Ferrero
Smart home health is a design object that warns coloring if the temperature and humidity level at home are healthier for both homeowners and home maintenance.

Christian Dudca, Nicola Pellegrinon
An intelligent mirror to keep you informed about time, commitments, time and much more.
  C36 (pav. 8) - N. Pellegrinon, C. Dudca, M. Cappellari, L. Marcato, L. De Luca

Giovanni Marelli, Elvis Borghetti, Cristian Ziggioni, Monica Corraini
Wooden sensation of music, violins and loudspeakers made by the same materials with new electronics in multipurpose opensource listening space
  C7 (pav. 9) - G. Marelli, E. Borghetti, C. Ziggioni, M. Corraini

Amnon Demri - Quickest-Owl
Speech controlled garbage can Call it and it will come to you
  E8 (pav. 7) - Amnon Demri Demri

Marco Baruzzo, Enrique Canessa, Carlo Fonda
Pastruder is an open-source extrusion system with precise volume control for 3D printing paste-like materials (mainly viscous plastic, but also clay, soft foodstuff etc...). It uses the Moineau pump geometry and it has been built mainly with 3D printed parts, the project is open and will be demoed on an opensource 3D-printer.
  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

Daniela Donigaglia, Davide Dalfiume (Immagina e Crea) - Alberto Cotronei (MarlinKimbra firmware MK4duo)
IeC 9/12 Veloce V1.0 - 9 materials - 9 colors of base upgradable to 12 - open source based
  A4 (pav. 8) - Immagina e Crea & MarlinKimbra firmware MK4duo

Steampact Project
A space where steampunk style artworks will be exhibited, including original bat box models.

Giuseppe Portelli
A steampunk portable PC made with a 1930 Royal typewriter. Battery powered and totally wireless, a must-have for every hipster.
  E2 (pav. 7) - Giuseppe Portelli

Mirella Menzolini e Davide Gasperini
The wallet is original, funny, colorful, made with a recycled pvc fabric. It's durable, washable and thin.
  E8 (pav. 8) - Mirella Menzolini e Davide Gasperini

Officine Digitali Marchigiane
SuperOcto is the all-in-one print server for the 3D printer. In one device all features are included to print and to optimize processing time, even when you are not present.

Danny Scheible
TAPIGAMI is the aRt of applying your imagination to Tape. The first rule is to have fun!!!!

KRICA design
Digital artisan made in Italy for modular fashion accessories

T°RED srl - Romolo Stanco head of design
T°RED is all about research, experimentation and design. Performance and top quality enhanced by unique objects for home, urban and cycling use.

Techlab, associazione di promozione sociale
Digital Crafts and Technological Awareness Lab, in Chieri (TO). Entrepreneurship, Education and Citizenship.

Andrea Ugolini, Stefano cimei
Methodology and instrumentation for the encapsulation of liquids in edible capsules of calcium alginate.
  Andrea Ugolini, Stefano cimei

DEK Italia
The Telegea Smart Hub is a RaspberryPi compatible open hardware controller for the DIY Smart Home.

Alessandro Taini
Test 1 ha realizzato un composto assorbente, per petrolio e qualsiasi tipologia di idrocarburi, essenzialmente a base di una schiuma poliuretanica flessibile a celle aperte con proprietà idrofobe e oleofile
  E17 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

Antonio Ianiero
Thaumachines - Tecnologies that induce wonder. An exhibit of machines that do amazing things for the viewer.
  E44 (pav. 7) - Antonio Ianiero

Brian of Paperpetshop
Large 3D papercraft models. Have you ever wanted your own pet shark, dolphin or whale? Paperpetshop makes it possible.

Flavio Prattico, Carmine Gianfagna, Carmelo Cera, Tomassino Ferrauto
The first 2D machine for polystyrene cutting thought for everyone

Superficial Studio and research by F. Marchetti
"The lean.city/activator" represents the launch of an annual cultural project: the lean.city.
  D12 (pav. 8) - Superficial Studio + research by F. Marchetti

Next Industries @ The Tactigon
TACTIGON is portable and wearable device with 3D motion sensors on board and Bluetooth Low Power.

Simone Tibollo
Thueris is a family of IoT modules able to control almost any device via WiFi.
  B24 (pav. 9) - FieldEffect Labs

Giovanni Paolo Masia, Stefania Merella
From the didactic experience of the Physics Lab, the Thunderbolt Superluminal Lamp is created, enabling you to explore the phenomena of light and wireless transmission of electricity by creating unique and fantastic effects that involve the user in a beautiful knowledge experience in the vast world of scientific discoveries.

Gaia Anselmi Tamburini, Edoardo Bus, Edoardo Gagliotti, Marco Miotti, Lulu Tian, Giulio Vescovi
Timmy is a colourful little "toy-friend" that will help kids in the process of learning and distinguishing emotions with their relative face expressions
  E42 (pav. 7) - G. Anselmi Tamburini, E. Bus, E. Gagliotti, M. Miotti, L.Tian, G. Vescovi

Maurizio Diaferia - Raffaella Cornacchia
TIN TIN ORTO HOUSE is a small architecture that integrates inside its pots for the cultivation of vegetables, or aromatic or ornamental plants

Luisa Fabrizi, Andre' Landwehr
To-not-disappear is about expressing ourselves and screaming out loud, it is about the risk we take when we remain silent.
  C16 (pav. 9) - Luisa Fabrizi, Andre' Landwehr

Ciro Schiaroli
We make hand-crafted 'bolted' pvc bags,an unusual material that make us even more exclusive in this world where styles look more and more similar. We pursue uniqueness by mantaining a classic or a pop touch based on stylistic lines that make possible for us to interface with a wide public
  E14 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

LA PULCE CON LA TOSSE - Aldo Vargiu, Carlotta Vargiu, Giulia Vargiu
TRASPARENTZIA. The 3D resin jewelry….The women thousand shadows told by elements and colors of Sardinia
  C44 (pav. 8) - LA PULCE CON LA TOSSE - Aldo Vargiu, Carlotta Vargiu, Giulia Vargiu

Giuseppe Torino
The TV Smart Timer, designed to be an easy to use device, is a possible solution to the problem that parents have to set a limit to the time spent by their children watching television.

Makerspace della Biblioteca Multimediale "R. Sassi" di Fabriano (AN)
The past, the present, the future of the relations between fashion and coding: from Jaquard ,trough crochet and embroidery, to virtual reality.
  C10 (pav. 8) - Makerspace della Biblioteca Multimediale "R. Sassi" di Fabriano (AN)

Wenda srl Team
Unique protects the authenticity and monitors the quality of Fine Wines. Through time. Unique is the luxury brand of Wenda.

Federico Veronesi
In the Upcycled collection the Eco-Sustainability concept is applied to the field of Fashion Design. The name itself indicates the main feature of this collection made by converting the waste into a raw material and therefore giving an added value to the final products. Inner tubes from bikes, cars, trucks and tractors become jewels.

Acmecubo srl
Find the innovative UV oven ensuring a perfect post-cure for your resin 3D printed products. Be the first!

Verso Technologies srl
Verso One is a wearable device that recognizes gesture and hand movement to enable users to interact with their device such as mobile phone, computer and more.
  E3 (pav. 7) - Verso Technologies srl

Natale Di Domenico
Presentation of SOFTWARE and HARDWARE platform that implement a little robot and his PROGRAMMABLE SYSTEM to develop applications that manage it.

Dress Coders
A new disruptive way to use wearable technologies to stimulate the development of fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.

Roberto Lo Giacco, Francesco Sorrentino, Giacinto Lo Giacco, Annamaria Marini, Alberto De Nichilo, Toni Scotti
If you lack the classical "green thumb" it's time to give voice to your plants: start listening!