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Salvabimbi NFC
Salvabimbi NFC

Salvabimbi NFC

Everybody knows how dangerous an house can be for little children: furniture can contain knives, soaps, lighters and other "dangerous" things.
Locking all furniture by keys would be unpracticle and uncomfortable; but you can anyway lock your furniture, easily and invisibly: just fix this device inside the furniture and make it keep closed the door; to open it you have just to pass your NFC badge or wirstband over the sensor.

Salvabimbi NFC

Luca Cassioli

Born at Cesena (FC), in Italy, now linving in Rome, phD in Electronical Engineering. Inventor since '90s and new technology enthusiast: he likes experimenting with new technology making it suitable for everybody, and just discovered the power of NFC and WiFi for IOT.

  E10 (pav. 7) - Luca Cassioli

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