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WiFi World - un mondo senza fili
WiFi World - un mondo senza fili

WiFi World - un mondo senza fili

This projects collects multiple sub-projects based on WiFi and NFC:

Raccolta di progetti "senza fili", basati su tecnologia WiFi e NFC:

SafeBaby NFC: electronic lock for furniture.
NFC PC unlocker: unlock PC with your badge or NFC wirstband.
Car lock NFC: secure your car and open it by swiping your NFC tag; no more public spread of your remote control radio code!

Dronefinder Wifi: acoustic alarm WiFi-controlled to easily find lost drones in grass or among trees.
Carfinder WiFi: lost you car in mall parking? Just connect to it, and it will emit a sound to locate it easily.
IP notifier: always know your public dynamic IP using this small device


WiFi World - un mondo senza fili

Luca Cassioli

Born at Cesena (FC), in Italy, now linving in Rome, phD in Electronical Engineering. Inventor since '90s and new technology enthusiast: he likes experimenting with new technology making it suitable for everybody, and just discovered the power of NFC and WiFi for IOT.

  E10 (pav. 7) - Luca Cassioli

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