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RobotFarm: a completely computerized mini hydroponic greenhouse able to grow in autonomy directly into your house, leaf vegetable, with no need for agricultural skills, allowing local, 0 meters cultivations, in the city, all year round, in a closed cycle.
A technologically advanced 2.0 way to make the "gardening" easier and more accessible.


Giorgia Pontetti

Electronic Engineer (2001 V.O.) and Astronautical Engineer (2004 V.O.), President of Ferrari Farm Società Agricola S.r.l. over the years she has gained considerable professional experience and expertise having been Chief Project Officer in several R & D projects. Below is a list of recent years: Involvement in AMS 02 and Fermi/Glast space experiments, Project Manager ASI - Technological Announcement, Principal Investigator, ESA - Eneide Mission EST Experiment, Principal Investigator, ASI - DaMa STS-134 Mission Experiment I-APE, Head of Project, Mise/Invitalia Industria 2015 - Sustainable Mobility, Project Manager, Abruzzo Region POR FESR Activities I.1.1 Line B, Project Manager, ESA, Direct Contract, Project Manager, ESA/Verhaert, Direct Contracts.
She has great experience in managing, organizing, programming, coordinating human resources and instrumental assets. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Windows and related applications (office, etc ...), AutoCAD, MathLab, OrCad, Assembler programming, C, machine programming (metrology and production) and Hardware and Software design. Over the years she has gained great expertise in the use of regulations (MIL, ECSS, ISO ...). From an agri-food point of view she has great experience in organic farming and biodiversity conservation, in hydroponic crops in sterile and hermetic greenhouses, in hydroponic crops for indoor vertical agriculture and in the transformation of agri-food products.

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