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EVCLIDEAN  laser cut  jewelry collections
EVCLIDEAN  laser cut  jewelry collections

EVCLIDEAN laser cut jewelry collections

My collections are distinguished by the use of laser cutting technology combined with the wisdom in the hand finishing.
The design of the collections starts with technical drawings made with the Cad Software. The collections are done with different materials: wood, steel and silver, with the desire to enhance the qualities that every material offers (such as: texture, specific weight , color, etc.).

The title of the EVCLIDEAN collections (divided into Wooden Evclidean, Steel Evclidean and Silver Evclidean) comes from the Euclidean elementary geometry shapes that characterize the jewels.

The minimalist shapes of the triangle, rectangle and hexagon are the protagonists and allow to enhance the characteristics of the materials with which they are created. The very fine web contours and straight lines that characterize the collections would not be possible without laser technology. This binomial can be considered the metaphor of today's production, as it highlights the close bond between form and technology - the peculiar peculiarity of today's design world.

The 3 sets (each composed of earrings, necklace and ring) bear the name of the single geometry that each of them shows (Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon); and are produced in 3 different materials (wood, steel and silver) to show how the same formal compositions can have a totally different aesthetic depending on the material in which they are made.

Union between technology and tradition, exalting the characteristics of individuals materials, inseparable connection between form and technology: these are the concepts of my work!

EVCLIDEAN  laser cut  jewelry collections

Evgenia Elkind

Evgenia  Elkind  founded her own  Design Studio based in Turin (Italy) in  2013 and she created a jewelry brand developing a multi-disciplined approach. There is a deep material research and an optimized manufacture process in every collection.

  C30 (pav. 8) - Evgenia Elkind

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