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Simpaty-hand App
Simpaty-hand App

Simpaty-hand App

Assistive music instrument realized with a smartphone that enables you to activate and modify audio sequences or rhythmic patterns with minimal movements of arms or legs suitable for people with limited motor skills. The smartphone transmit the data on the movements of the limbs that are sent to a pc application . The app allows you to load audio files that will be activated based on the movement performed by simulating the use of a real instrument with three different modes of operation: percussive sounds, riffs, and loops.


Simpaty-hand App

Carolina Valli

Born in 1994 in Milan, I came to the world of music thanks to my cellist grandfather.When I was 12 I started studying classical guitar and since that day I went on with my musical interests.
I continued my musical studies and at the same time approach me to the world of audio recording, linked to the passion for classical concerts, with the intent to attend a course that leads me to work in the world of post-production and audio recording. After an high school diploma in languages, I began my three-year degree in Electronic Music in Milan Conservatory where I discovered new potentialities related to music programming softwares.
At the end of my three-year course and after attending a course in Sonic interaction design, I decided to write a thesis on assistive music technology and started collaborating with a rehabilitation center that brought me, thanks to my knowledge, to create a suitable musical instrument to people with limited motor skills.
Currently I'm attending the last year of the Biennio di Musica Elettronica in Milan.

  D8 (pav. 6) - Carolina Valli

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