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Uncinetto Type-D

Uncinetto Type-D

The " Uncinetto Type-D" project aims at raising awareness of current and emerging topics such as the development of digital technologies that are useful in the creation and modeling of clothing. Tools such as VR and 3D modeling open new scenarios in the field of fashion. uncinetto Type-D offers an original view of the relationship between fashion and computer science starting from the remote past of Jacquard cards, then switching to textual programming or embroidery graphics, to the design of new products through the use of virtual reality .
Thanks to "Minimakers" of Rome and "TesserAMano" of Florence.

Uncinetto Type-D

Makerspace della Biblioteca Multimediale "R. Sassi" di Fabriano (AN)

The public library in Fabriano, with some associations that deal with open culture, software, art and school, started at the end of 2013 a Hack-Maker Space in the Public Library of Fabriano (Ancona).

Based on the new learning paradigms and library models diffused especially in the United States and Northern Europe, we started to rethink public libraries as a place for sharing information, technologies and ideas. It is believed, therefore, necessary to spread in young people a greater awareness in the use of technology, particularly digital ones, and make them, as well, active and creative consumers.

The MakerSpace in our library is not only aimed at young people; intends, however, to be a space, an opportunity for intergenerational interaction and sharing of old and new technologies, old and new media, old and new experiences where people can meet, collaborate, innovate, create.

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