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Robot calciatore Viper III
Robot calciatore Viper III

Robot calciatore Viper III

Viper is a robot soccer player for competitions (category Open Robocup League).
He performs omnidirectional movements ‘cause traction based on 4-wheel drive omnidirectional.
He’s able to detect:
- Ball (that emits 40kHz modulated infrared, or orange ball)
- Orientation
- Distance from the sides
- Field’ white lines
- Control of ball
He can also:
- Catch the ball, with his roller catch
- move the camera
- Kick the ball, with his electromagnetic plunger.
Robot body: 3 polycarbonate disks on aluminum supports. All control boards are our self made. Motherboard based on the 8-bit PIC 18F66k80 microcontroller, software in C language.


Robot calciatore Viper III

Elettra Robotics LAB - IIS Cobianchi (Verbania)


  C22 (pav. 6) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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