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Based on all my experiences and prior knowledge I worked on a project of my own personal digital retro-innovative magnifier that was designed to print digital files via direct projection on silver gelatin paper as done with normal films in the darkroom.
I believe this is as close as you can get to a traditional black and white darkroom print from a digital file. There are other ways to obtain black and white prints from a digital file such as to create an internegative with a printer to be printed subsequently by contact in the desired size, or create a true negative from a reproduction of a inkjet printing, or through the use of a film recorder comminicating with a PC. What I’ve worked on is to bypass these systems that require intermediate steps to print directly without anything in the middle and with the same technique that is used to print from a negative with “masking” and ” burns ” during exposure to finish with the treatment of development and fixing in the basin. It is in practice of an intervention of digital artisanship in which the artisan component is still prevalent on the digital one.


Giulio Limongelli

Giulio Limongelli can be qualified as a 'Master of the Workshop' , to underline his background as a 360 degrees Artisan as a photographer as well as printer. Born in 1963 and graduating in 1985 at the Liceo Scientifico he has been a professional photographer since that very same day. He is very active in both shooting and printing and color as well as black and white. He also teaches photography in local accredited schools. After moving to Bologna in 1996, where he still lives and runs a successful shop, he works as a freelancer as well as a creative mind. Giulio showcased his work in individual as well as collective exhibits in London, Roma, Milano, Firenze, Bologna and Padova.

  E26 (pav. 8) - Giulio Limongelli

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