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Using sensors, MicroMuseum understand where the subject is and can orient the object in a different position, changing the illumination. "Museum Kiosk" is a stand alone unit where one or more Micro Museums are assembled together making a path and suggestions.


Stefano Arzillo, Giancarlo Di Bella, Emilio Carlino

Stefano Arzillo
Something about me......

scientific high school, in 1978,
Degree in architecture cut off at third year

Other things……….
I have been part since 1986 at the closing of the G.L.R.S. the Latin Diving Research Group, which distinguished itself for the professionalism of its commitment and quality of research in the area of the Roman castles, to our active discovery of the Village of the Macines in Lake Albano .
Recognized reliefs in the ancient lake emissaries of Albano and Nemi. Explorations and reliefs of the tunnel network still accessible in other places of the Castelli Romani. Surveys made with the use of sonar and GPS as well as with optical systems, compasses and barometers-altimeters. Part of the archaeological finds are visible at the Albano Civic Museum in a dedicated hall.
Currently I am a volunteer assistant at the Civic Museum of Marino where I collaborate in exhibiting and as a technical consultant.

I carry out artistic and archaeological issues you can find on micromuseo.org

I’m a good cook and I experienced as “innkeeper”. I know beers and rums quite well.
No bad baby sitter...
CURRICUthing I want to have done..the DEA (citroen DS)

Something and else
I have practical experience in the use of machine tools, lathes, milling cutters, etc., in welding metals and in all workshop operations, from simple locksmith to high precision engineering and mechanical repair.
I had experience on process control systems at the Procter & Gamble Pilot Plant in Pomezia where I was involved in maintenance and participated in the development and testing of systems and equipment as a technical consultant.
I was interested in the restoration of vintage machinery and obsolete materials, such as some plastics and metal alloys.

Experience in using Autocad, Corel Draw,
I have experience in installing and maintaining software and hardware on PC and MAC started with PC XT-AT in 1986.
I have topographic and geographic survey experience using optical and GPS systems and land navigation, with compass and GPS.

My Heroes
Sir John Franklin
Keith Jarrett
John Blutasky

Giancarlo Di Bella (26 september 1986)


* Languages high school in 2006
* Architecture degree in 2014

Work Experience

After understanding that my most important skill regards graphics and interacting with al kind of things i started working as a industrial designer freelancer since 2010.

In 2012 industrial design was an very interesting job so i continued to work on different prototipe of IoT devices.
On September 2013 one of my design has been introduced to Techrunch in San Francisco (Here is the link to see the presentation https://techcrunch.com/2013/09/10/beestar-launches-with-ultra-precise-quantified-self-device-aimed-at-pro-sports/ )

Cofounder of Sync-Line Srl in october 2013

In August 2014 after graduated i start working as industrial and UX designer in Amsterdam where it lasted for 2 years. With Beestar B.V. we develop the “Sparc” an IoT device for cars and we made a patent for that ( see link of the patent here https://www.google.com/patents/WO2017050353A1?cl=en&dq=%22BELLA+Giancarlo+DI%22&hl=it&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjepIi2nITWAhUGRhQKHWkuB4AQ6AEIJzAA )

in october 2016 i came back to Rome where i was involved in different projects of app. development with my company, this is my current job.

during the last year i was involved on some projects with CamaleoTeam.


I “have breakfast” with Adobe creative collection, “lunch” based on CAD software like Autocad or similar, and finally for dinner i like to “eat” 3d software as Cinema 4d and Rhinoceros.

I know a bit of HTML and CSS, and i am always open to understand and study new things.

Emilio Carlino (17 December 1987)

I got my diploma as an electronics and telecommunications technician in 2006.
I’m presently enrolled in the third year of mechatronic engineering at Tor Vergata University, Rome.

About me in general:
I’ve always been considered the handyman of my city district and I always loved to take apart and rebuild things. As a kid, my toys never really worked and I always had to put my hands to work to get them fixed. I swear I wasn’t the one breaking them!
For many years I participated in the setup of cultural events in my city, taking care of the electrical systems and lighting.
This was probably also because my prices have always been modest, I was more than satisfied with a few sandwiches and unlimited access to beer.
I try to maintain a small family vineyard with my dad, entirely for private consumption, nothing commercial.

On a more technical level:
I worked in the domotics field for approx. three years as a project designer and installer of automation and entertainment systems for living spaces and yachts.
I’m currently employed as an installation and maintenance technician for vehicle and person control systems, principally at the international airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino and at the main ATAC exchange stations.
I’m familiar with civilian electrical systems, small data networks, electromechanical automation and electronic boards repair.
Competent in programming in C++ and Assembler.
Competent in the use of AutoCad, MatLab, LabView, PCB modelling (KiCAD, Eagle, OrCAD, etc.)

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