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APX -  DaVinci Drone Emergency System

APX - DaVinci Drone Emergency System

DaVinci DRS, is an emergency recovery system for small to medium size UAV. Available in two versions, manual and automatic. The manual version is equipped with a radio module with which the pilot can interact with the parachute and activate it in case of failure. In the automatic version as well as the ground control, sensors are set up to detect the failure more quickly than the ground pilot can, and save the drone automatically.
It is a rechargeable system, equipped with an internal battery, which can be mounted on UAVs up to 25kg, fast thanks to the pyrotechnic charge. There are also many accessories such as 2 flight terminators and airbags for flights over water.

APX -  DaVinci Drone Emergency System

Lorenzo Di Donato, Andrea Pompili

Lorenzo Di Donato , 21 years. Degree in electronics and electrical engineering automation articulation , always passionate of electronics, mechanics and automation in general , have finished school has Started a job at a company , which is profes cinematic lighting / television , now hardware developer driver and Control Systems driven and controls for the movement of projectors . Collaborator Project ASRP Atmospheric Sounding Rocket Provider Along with Andrea Pompili

Andrea Pompili was born 26 year old in Rome. Graduated in Electrotechnics, keep on studying to be Aerospace Engineer. He dedicates most of his time, in his passion, the explosives and energetic materials.
Works as shotfirer and obtain the technical qualification to produce and store explosive of any type.
Future Chemistry student in University of Rome, gives life to numerous collaborations and project in the field of new technology applied to the explosive and space world.
He is the founder of APX Aerospace and ASRP Atmospheric Sounding Rocket Provider project together with Lorenzo di Donato

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