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Robot umanoide Galvan
Robot umanoide Galvan

Robot umanoide Galvan

The basic idea for Galvano is to create a humanoid robot in a didactic path. The mother board has been custom developed, it has been called Poldino-servo-board. I respect Titanus the hip mobilization on the Z axis.

Development IDE is Pinguino. To test the movements, a software was developed to test real-time positions: a panel where the various servo values are set and the robot position is sent.
Another important point is the realization of the point-to-point movement, that is, each movement has a beginning and an end delimited by various saved scenes, between the scenes the servant moves so as to begin and end together.


Robot umanoide Galvan

Elettra Robotics LAB - IIS Cobianchi (Verbania)

Elettra Robotics Lab is a nonprofit association, founded by a group of makers, with the aim of promoting robotics as a fun, work andstudy. For this purpose, he works with several companies and schools.

  C22 (pav. 6) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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