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ScoobaFish Recycling Art
ScoobaFish Recycling Art

ScoobaFish Recycling Art

Scoobafish is a sustainable project for the recycling of junk in our environment.
Some discarded objects are washed up on our beautiful sandy beaches, other objects such as household objects, unwanted and useless junk is dumped along the road side by people totaly unaware of the consequences of their actions.
Because I firmly believe in this recycling project, I gather these objects to put back life into them by transforming them into wall sculptures. This is my way of trying to clear up the world. I place great faith in your appreciation of this beauty and philosophy.
The final objective of this project is to create awarenes of the effects of polluting the enviroment and creation of recycled junk.
Please help me to support my ScoobaFish project. Our children deserve an unpolluted and clean world!

ScoobaFish Recycling Art

Maurizio Sergiusti G.

I am an Italian artist and I have followed my mother’s footsteps in art. I go by the name ScoobaFish
I am a 30+ years experience Fine Artist professional with an excellent ken of creative flow from concept to recycling discarded/abandoned materials.
Actually I create design sculptures made out of recycled materials in the shape of birds, fish and many other animals.

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