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​Danyboard is an electronic prototyping platform designed for Internet of things and wearable devices.
Small size, low energy and a simple programmable system are Danyboard features that allows you to realize your biggest ideas.
Available in various types for the creation of tech, wearable and robotic devices in economical way.
All variants are equipped with ARM Cortex M0 + 32bit microcontroller, microSD reader, battery charger and WiFi or Bluetooth BLE.
Danyboard is an Open-Source project, made in Italy and is 100% compatible with Arduino IDE.


Giuseppe Caccavale

Giuseppe Caccavale from Nola (NA), is an electronic engineering student. He operates in electronic engineering field and he is expert on the manufacture of electronic devices.
Personal website Reference: www.giuseppecaccavale.it, medium that allows him to share various tutorials and demonstrations with the audience.
The passion that he employs in his work allows him to combine usefully creativity, desire for innovation and development.
Favorite Quote:
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

  C4 (pav. 8)
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