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GAMEBUINO META : A retro console to make coding easy #opensource #madeinfrance

Play Tetris, Snake, Pacman and all the classics on the Gamebuino META. Most importantly, re-create them. Learn programming in a fun and easy way by making your own games. Join a worldwide community of Makers and get all these open-source games free!
Our goal is to make coding accessible to anybody in a fun, quick and simple manner. It’s open-source, Arduino based and made in France. Gamebuino was launched few year ago and sold thousands of units worldwide. What used to be a maker project is now turning into a growing startup. Come meet us at the Rome Makerfaire and discover exclusively our new console, the Gamebuino META

GAMEBUINO META : A retro console to make coding easy #opensource #madeinfrance

Aurélien Rodot

Aurélien started the Gamebuino as a pet project while he was student in mechanical engineering. Today, he graduated en eventually left his job to create his own startup with the objective to make coding and electronics accessible to anybody.

  E30 (pav. 7) - Aurélien Rodot

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