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GEMINUS allows a via-wifi reading of battery connected to OFF-GRID inverter and send values to a free software (LUCIBUS 2.0).
Data are inside a internal dbase and battery charging and consumption values are available when loads are powered by battery.
To obtain a small and easy circuit, We must virtually divide four battery in two group battery, so the situation is balanced as TWIN-A and TWIN-B. If loads are powered from battery, all batteries will have the same voltage drop (under a little tolerance).
So, if batteries are good, TWIN-A will be the same of TWIN-B.
If not, you must check the single batteries of low twin.
All these informations are updated on LUCIBUS software every minute.


Giuseppe De Lorenzo

Born in Rome in the end of June 1960.
He graduated in Law.
He has interest in electricity and electronics since he was a child, so much that at 16 years old is already an expert in repairing TV and radio devices.
During the 80's and 90's, the cradle of theoretical and practical electronics, builds and tests hundreds of projects, not to mention a growing interest in the newly born presonal computer, avant-garde of the digital age.
The arrival on the market of low-cost Arduino programmable hardware platforms, allows him to succesfully combine the experience matured after many years of practical electronics with the knowledge of programming techniques on personal computers

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