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Bionic Sync, reshaping prosthetics
Bionic Sync, reshaping prosthetics

Bionic Sync, reshaping prosthetics

Bionic Sync is a modular hand prosthesis, designed to be affordable and versatile and suitable for upper limb amputations.
Control is performed through a myoelectrical sensor that detects muscle contractions. The hand performs different movements depending on which object has to be grasped, in order to assist amputees in everyday life. Furthermore, the mechanism that drives the fingers allows for accurate movements and a firm grip.
The hand is 3D-printable, however, in order to gain greater precision and reliability, some key components are made with traditional manufacturing techniques.
Our team is committed to making this project a concrete aid for people in need.

Bionic Sync, reshaping prosthetics

Michelangelo Pasinetti, Davide Stabelli, Daniele Gamba

Our team is composed by Michelangelo Pasinetti and Davide Stabelli, students in Industrial and Computer Engineering respectively, both in the third year of studies at the University of Brescia. We have had a passion for robotics since high school.
We have always been interested in the makers movement, and we developed various projects: simple robots, servomotor-operated arms, a smartphone-driven RC car...
Together we have decided to work on the creation of artificial limbs, with particular interest in the hand prosthesis.
At a later time, Daniele Gamba joined our team, too. He has a degree in Information Science and he is one of the founders of the Palazzolo Digital Hub.

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