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Talking Hands
Talking Hands

Talking Hands

Today in Italy there are more than 100,000 deaf people, 70.000.000 all over the world: their disability relegates them to the fringes of society. They have great difficulty in communication because they can not be understood by people who do not know sign language. Our solution is Talking hands, a glove that can translate the sign language in voice.
It records hand movements during sign language usage, translates them and transfers signal to a smartphone, which pronounces the sentence using a voice synthesizer. The signs can raise their voice!

Talking Hands

Francesco Pezzuoli, Dario Corona, Juri Bruciati

LIMIX Srl is a young and dynamic Italian start­up founded in March 2015, with headquarters in Camerino, Marche. LIMIX was born with the strong desire to bring the research and expertise of the university into a new company to create innovative industrial projects.
The first actors of this reality are two young students, Francesco Pezzuoli and Dario Corona, supported by their professors Fabio Giannoni, Letizia Corradini, Roberto Giambò, Simonetta Boria and by Eta Srl and EOS Spa, two italian companies.
LiMiX has focused on the development of Talking Hands, which has attracted the interest of numerous public and private entities and it won StartCup Marche 2015, ECapital 2015 and Rome Prize at Maker Faire 2016.
The funds obtained from these competitions helped the development of several prototypes, which are moving closer and closer to an industrial product.

  D14 (pav. 6) - Francesco Pezzuoli, Dario Corona, Juri Bruciati

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