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PI Controller
PI Controller

PI Controller

The C.A.R.L.-O. team, part of "Carlo Anti" Institute, has implemented a remote control system using simple tools such as a joystick, a Raspberry PI, some Sbrick devices artfully mounted on various constructions vehicles (such as a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245, a Volvo L350F and a tracked Bulldozer) to guide vehicles and simulate all the basic functions of ground handling activities on a construction site.

The project received an excellent degree of interest and curiosity because it allows to remotely control various aspect of a real construction site made with some "toys" and telecontrolled by a simple joystick or joiypad.

PI Controller

C.A.R.L.-O. - Carlo Anti Robot Lab Operator

The C. A. R. L. -O. (Carlo Anti Robot Lab - Opertator) of the "Carlo Anti" school Institution was founded in 2013, coordinated by a teacher, Mr Beghini Federico. Over the years, many students have participated in the proposed activities and have been passionate about robotics and computer programming.

Currently, the team is involved in some school competitions, prototyping, development and presentation activities at events, involving students from the scientific secondary school branch and the industrial technical school one (IT professionals).

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