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Arrampichino (AR1)
Arrampichino (AR1)

Arrampichino (AR1)

In reference to the disciplines of climbing, caving, canyoning, Tree-Climbing, etc., it may happen that the rope held on safety, obstructed due to an accidental impediment (sharp rocks, crevices, shrubs ...) forcing the operator to cut and retrieve as much rope as possible through any cutting tool.
In fact the distance at which you can make the cut, will depend on the maximum height reached by the operator (2 - 2,5 meters), resulting, in most cases, the loss of most of the rope.

The solution
Arrampichino is an electromechanical device that can take a string and allow it to cut through a remote control operated by the operator.
It can work on ropes from 8 to 11 mm, static, semi-static or dynamic, it can ride with any inclination and functions even in fresh water.

Alternative use of Arrampichino
Arrampichino comes first as remote cut device, but you can, by simply removing the knife from cutting system, use it as an excellent transportation system.
The device is capable, in one of two ways previously analyzed, to haul a load of about 14,10 ounces (more than 4 times its weight!).
Think for example how to get to a climbing partner a carabiner, a couple of referrals, or better yet, ... a sandwich!!

Rescue system
The system, which uses a special parachute designed specifically for Arrampichino, consists of two 80 cm diameter synthetic fabrics on board one of which perforated to allow air to enter during the fall; both have a central hole of 1.5 cm to allow the rope to pass through.
On top of the parachute is a hard plastic dome, able to "float" device on the rough edges of the rock. The rope is then introduced into the parachute, and subsequently on the device that it is bound through a lanyard with snap hook. The original solution enables Arrampichino the immediate opening of the parachute in a few meters from the cut to prevent damage from falling.

Although I am particularly excited about presenting and "offer" this device to all lovers of the mountain (but not only ...), it is my duty to remind you that its use leads to the extreme solution of cutting the rope! This "affront" about this precious equipment, must regain more than reasoned justification ... and why not, a fair bit of courage! In addition, he devised a system for saving Arrampichino as a result of the cut, it cannot be excluded that in an emergency they could lose, or choose to loose, for the benefit of the recovery of the rope. Experts, specialists, will evaluate case by case.

Arrampichino (AR1)

Stefano Di Palma

My name is Stefano Di Palma,
I was born in Udine on April 20, 1973 (44 years) and live/work in the province of Rome since the age of 19.
I love creative activities in all its forms, I like to observe them, but above all try to get involved.
It fascinates 3D modeling, but even more so with its printing techniques that can magically convert an idea ... in palpable matter!
Sports and music are the other two companions of life!

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