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Agricoltura Urbana - 432 Heathy Zone -
Agricoltura Urbana - 432 Heathy Zone -

Agricoltura Urbana - 432 Heathy Zone -

We produce in the city center of Rome sprouts, aromatic herbs, officinals and edible flowers in the absence of sunshine, soil and saving 80% of water, which gives us the opportunity to cultivate for 365 days a year even with adverse weather conditions, droughts , floods and above all without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It's very important to mention the fact that we use 1/10 of soil compared to traditional agriculture, practically you can install a cultivation everywhere. Urban vertical farming will be part of the future especially in cities that will be more and more populated and at km 0 you will be able to have local products in your kitchen within 3 hours.

Agricoltura Urbana - 432 Heathy Zone -

432 Healthy Zone

Raffaello Benfenati, forty years old, he has worked as a chef around the world for 25 years and then managed entire catering companies in 4/5 star hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.
Iacopo Chiari, a 40-year-old graduate in law, decides to travel around the world and begins working on cruise ships as responsible for logistics on board.

  A15 (pav. 9) - 432 Healthy Zone

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