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QuandoPassa is a complete suite for Sustainable Mobility. It is built around an optimized algorithm, developed in the university, for the prediction of the times of arrival of buses (with a unique precision of 95%), which allows to provide this useful service at prices finally accessible to any municipality.
Around this core many other services have been developed that make up the QuandoPassa suite, which aims to offer to citizens, administrations and businesses, information services which allow everyone to save time and money and to pollute less.


Cesare Bianchi, GH srl

GH s.r.l. is a Startup of Sapienza University of Rome, which develops highly optimized software products. Therefore the products developed by GH s.r.l. have high performance and low cost, thanks to a better use of resources.
This is possible thanks to the continuous collaboration with the world of academic research, to bring to market the results of academic experimentation.
The mission of GH srl is to make accessible to everyone the technologies that are typically too expensive or too complex.
GH srl wants to make life easier for businesses, citizens and administrations through the introduction of the latest technologies in the interactions between users and services, with simple, intuitive interfaces. The availability of updated information on helpful services allows people to better plan their time and resources, and also encourages the green economy, for example by reducing pollution and waste.
GH srl believes that the technologies used intelligently can bless the lives of individuals and improve the functioning and organization of society, thus producing savings of time and money, and reducing pollution.

Cesare Bianchi completed his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Informatics of the University College Dublin. His research interests range from Cognitive Science to Evolutionary Robotics, and he has a degree in Experimental Psychology. He has more than 17 years of experience in Software Development and Project Management, and has recently completed a two-years PostDoc at the Physics Department of Sapienza University of Rome.

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