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Exomars Rover
Exomars Rover

Exomars Rover

Project Exomars is a realistic reproduction of the rover that will land on the surface of Mars in 2020. It is
able to move itself, follow programmed route, drill the surface and catch the piece of rock, acquire
physical data using different sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, luminosity, acceleration and
angular momentum). It is also able to see the world around it using its movable cameras. Everything is
controlled by PC, via X-Bee comunication protocol, to manage the rover and see the sensors data.

Exomars Rover

5ECn, ITIS P.Paleocapa / principali autori Sermisoni Samuele e Crotti Luca

The group consists of 27 students of the last year of ITIS. The project was developed during the present school year mainly by two boys, Crotti Luca and Sermisoni Samuele.

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