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Most low and middle-end CNC Milling machines provide limited or no spindle speed control: the OtheRPM will open your milling skills to a new frontier, greatly extending your material capability and tool life.
Without spindle speed control it's tough to stop rubbing your endmills into the workpiece, it shouldn't be a surprise if they get dull so quickly! Or are you one of those who prefers to push them into the material so hard they just break apart?
it's time to step up and take control.


Roberto Lo Giacco, Matteo Chiessi

Roberto Lo Giacco: Agilist, Software Developer, Open Source enthusiast and Hobbist Maker.
Born as a software developer, has met the first personal computer at the age of 5: just for gaming, but it didn't take much before the curiosity brought him into programming. The god-like power of commanding something and seeing it executed has been often frustrated by crashes and failures, but that didn't pull him out. Later on, he fell in love with the open source world thankfully to GNU/Linux: a mysterious, CLI based world where you had to compile your own operating system? That's a programmer's heaven! He runs his own startup for a few years but then decided it was time for a different experience: agile and behavior driven development was the turnaround, showing him what could lie beyond the curtain of project management and contract base relationships.
Electronics, microcontrollers and making stuff, in general, is just a hobby, but a very nerdish one!

Matteo Chiessi, born 40 years ago in Correggio, province of Reggio Emilia. I was still young when I was thrilled by the art of construction and repair. I was 12 when, as Christmas gift, I asked for a workbench which be came the heart of my little garage laboratory. I played working wood and iron, dismantling and reassembling my scooter. If many of my teenager friends spent their time in front of a telly, I spent it behind one, on the contrary: in my uncle's workshop I played repairing those. From there comes my curiosity for electronics and telecommunications, topics I still deal with for work.
Today I find a natural place where to satisfy my curiosity and desire to build, repair and learn within the makers movement.

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