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Orion: EMG driven Exoskeleton
Orion: EMG driven Exoskeleton

Orion: EMG driven Exoskeleton

The technology is evolving rapidly, going every day further but this evolution makes machine slowly replace human. Since their born biotechnologies are studing a way to answer this problem that can put togheder humans and tecnology, so that strenghts of everyone can become one more powerful entity. The poject borns from this need, to show that human capabilities are not limited, instead are in continue growth. This is Orion, an exoskeleton drove by muscolar impulse.

Orion: EMG driven Exoskeleton

Mattia Strocchi

Hi! My name is Mattia Strocchi and I am 18. Right now I am attending the fourth year of eletronic course at ITI of Ravenna.
I am sure that this experience for would be for me a springboard to my future, because of that I’m really determined.
In the last year of first grade secondary school I received an english certification: Trinity Grade 1, and this year I have been part of erasmus plus project, that brought me to Valencia; there I met guys such as me, that love technologies and I could visit the City of Arts and Sciences.
I love robotics, biotechnologies and artificial intelligence, recently, I built a 3D printer to make my projects come true. Thanks to the scholarship that I won, from the third to the tenth of july I will be at MAST foundation to spend a week learning 3D printing, smart object and Internet of Things.
Another project where I took part is NAO Challenge Italia where I participated with 5 friends that love robotics too. I’m also mentor at the FabLab of Cotignola and CoderDojo of Ravenna.
After have taken part to NAO Challenge I was requested as speaker at the conference “The educational Robotics” in Lugo.

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