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hubotics, robotics for human beings

hubotics, robotics for human beings

Hubotics is a wearable exoskeleton for people with upper-limb motor disabilities which aims at enabling intensive use, directly at home, both for rehabilitative and assistive purposes.
The device is mainly addressed to people who need rehabilitation by means of intensive movements and to people who need upper-limbs assistance for restoring their independence, but who can not daily go to healthcare centers or can not buy the expensive devices available on the market.
Thanks to 3D printing and open-source hardware and software, the system’s mechanics and control-interface can be easily customized to meet the needs of different users, aiming at being a versatile solution for restoration of upper-limbs movements by many people with motor disabilities.
Visiting our stand at the MakerFaire 2017, you will be able to remotely control our exoskeletons through your voice or the movements of your arms. Additionally, you can participate to a contest to win one of the hubotics Arduino shields and implement your personal exoskeleton.

hubotics, robotics for human beings

Chiara e Luca Randazzo

The team is composed of the siblings Luca Randazzo and Chiara Randazzo, respectively 30 and 28 years-old.

Luca is a Robotics engineer who studied in Catania and between Politenico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano. He developed his Master’s thesis at the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the NASA laboratory that created and developed the three generations of planetary rovers (Sojourner, Spirit & Opportunity and Curiosity) that have been sent to Mars. Currently, he works as a PhD researcher at EPFL in Lausanne, where he is developing an EEG-controlled hand exoskeleton for motor rehabilitation.
Chiara is a super active and positive person, optimist by nature. She daily works with children with cognitive and motor disorders, constantly trying to design activities to involve them in their environments and social circles and to help them in actively participating and directing their daily lives.

Luca and Chiara always shared a common interest for mechanisms, electronics and robots since they started hacking stuff at their home. There, they developed many devices as door openers and remote-controlled cameras, they modified a wheelchair in order to allow it to control their house television, radio etc through a tablet and built many, many robots that daily wander around the house trying to survive Tappo, Chiara’s mighty cocker-spaniel dog.

The project “hubotics” started in their minds when they realized that their passions could indeed have turned into something useful for helping people. Since then, they have been brainstorming and working to create accessible robotic devices to assist people with disabilities during activities of daily living.

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