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Esoscheletro da TC e cinematica del passo
Esoscheletro da TC e cinematica del passo

Esoscheletro da TC e cinematica del passo

From a CT examination, the "bone elements" are distinguished from the “epithelial" of the lower limb.
The joint axes of the knee, ankle and hip are re-located on the "bone elements”, then they are repositioned in the "epithelial surface" by making stick out the joint axes towards the outside.
The model realized allows to align the mechanical joints on the articular axes (those on the knee must propose a rroto-translatory motion similar to the physiological one).
Once positioning the joints on the articular axes it is possible to accomplish the structures that cover the lower limbs


Esoscheletro da TC e cinematica del passo

Giancarlo Pellis

professor in physical education
Freelance - Mechanical designer, physical education, movement, sport, 3D printer

- Training Theory and Methodology Teacher at C.O.N.I. Sport School – Roma;
- Training Theory and Methodology Teacher at F.I.P.;
-Contributor to the specialized magazine Nuova Atletica dal Friuli, Udine;
-Teacher at the ISEF (Roma) of Specialized Courses;
-Theory and Methodology Teacher at Sport MedicineDepartment of the University of Udine,

- athletic trainer and sports consultant for top level team: Volleyball - A2, A1; Basketball A2, A1; Handball A1;
1994-96 ILLY Caffè, - Basketball Trieste - A1;
2003-04 – AdriaVolley Trieste A1; Collaborator F.C. Milan, Contributor to the P.A.N. Frecce Tricolori (National Acrobatic Team);

- collaborates with www.benessere.com for publication of articles about health and sports
- 2000 organization has worked to launch a high altitude of 14,000 ft without oxygen paratrooper, organizing the athletic training;

led to the initial center of rotation of the knee with a study carried out at the Scientific Fabrication Laboratory (SciFabLab) of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Miramare (Trieste - Italy) by using the three-dimensional manipulation and checking procedure graphic / set mathematics, with the creation of a real knee model with the 3D printing.

- Holder of 6 patents
- Author of more than 100 publications

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