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Educational robotic autonomous model car RoboRover M1
Educational robotic autonomous model car RoboRover M1

Educational robotic autonomous model car RoboRover M1

Self-driving vehicles will be around us very soon. How students or programmers can reach big automotive companies? There is no sandbox for everyone who wants to start program and develop simple self-driving cars. I know answer on this question! For this purpose our team created a RoboRover M1.

RoboRover M1 Education is a four-wheeled educational robot for studying how to program self-driving (autonomous) vehicles.
RoboRover M1 Education also is the ideal solution for studying at home and in the STEM discipline class. STEM is science (Science), technology (Technologies), engineering (Engineering) and mathematics (Math).
The main advantages!
The robot is fully assembled and ready to go!
No need to assembly the robot. The device is delivered fully configured and assembled. Open the box and start programming the robot!

The RoverBlock is a graphical programming environment designed specifically for robot Roboover M1 Education. To program this program uses the principle of Drag-N-Drop, where the blocks that are responsible for each type of sensor and motors. It's like Scratch, but only for robots! Examples of programs will help to easily understand the programming of the robot!

The robot's brain is a powerful microcomputer the size of a button!
The robot is controlled by the latest Intel Curie microcomputer, which is installed on the Arduino / Genuino 101 control board. The Intel Curie operates at 32MHz, has a built-in Bluetooth LE to control the robot, a 6-axis accelerometer gyro to allow the robot to navigate in space. The newest technologies give you boundless possibilities for creativity!

The robot can go around obstacles!
The robot has 2 infrared distance sensors Sharp, so that the robot can measure the distance to obstacles.

The radar in the robot!
To enable the robot to scan the surrounding space, it has a servo and an ultrasonic distance sensor. Thus, by turning the ultrasonic distance sensor on the servo, you can scan the distance around the robot!

The robot can follow the black line!
To enable the robot to move along the line, it has 3 digital line sensors installed. Thus, a robot can perform a variety of tasks.

A great space for creativity
A large number of holes in the robot, allows you to change the position of all sensors and other elements of the robot!
Advantages of the robot for education:
RoboRover M1 Education fuels curiosity and a desire to learn during basic skills training like teamwork, communication and digital literacy. Teachers can use the robot to teach a wide variety of subjects and areas, including the following:
Computer thinking. Students learn to solve problems and create an algorithm structure for programming the actions and reactions of the robot using the visual environment of the Rover
Mathematics. Together with the students, explore such concepts as numerical line, geometry, angles, distance, time and variables.
Engineering. Develop engineering creativity, improving the robot, using additional blocks, a designer or simply create new parts for a robot on a 3D printer!
The science. Learn about the scientific methods of programming a robot to perform tasks on the line, to avoid obstacles, to determine the angle through the accelerometer-gyro of the robot and much more!
Write to us at info@mrobot.by to learn more about using the robot RoboRover M1 Education in the educational process.
RoboRover M1 Education in your class!
High-level programming via Arduino IDE
Our robot supports programming in the Arduino IDE to realize the full potential of the robot.
Have fun and learn!
We created a robot for teaching students in a playful form. The robot comes with many examples of programs, so you can easily create your own. Manage the robot by Bluetooth, program using the graphical environment of the RoverBlock and participate in CodeWheels competitions!

Visit the site mrobot.by/shop/roborover/roborover-m1-education

1. RoboRover M1 is a ready to run and fully assembled wheeled robot.
2. Arduino 101 with Intel Curie module are onboard of the robot!
4. The unique robotic RoboRover M1 chassis.
5. Factory-Installed Distance sensors.
6. Radar onboard.
Line Sensors
7. Easy to start. Only insert battery!
8. No need to write software for robot. Sample software and instruction are included
For easy start!
9. Made in Belarus

Educational robotic autonomous model car RoboRover M1

Maksim Masalski, MRobot Team mrobot.by

Since childhood, I have had an interest in technics and technology. I’m a dreamer and I like to invent new. In 2017 I take a Bachelor degree in Belarusian National Technical University.
Today I'm founder of a startup company MRobot. My company creates educational robots for children and students. Also I’m the leader and founder of IoT and robotics laboratory “Kitchen of Robots” in Minsk.

To make my robots widespread, I have created robotic model car games CodeWheels, where everyone can program robot and compete with other participants! The main advantage is that no need to buy or develop robot. Each team before championship receives similar robot RoboRover M1 CodeWheels Edition and all necessary software! Only quality of code matters! More about my CodeWheels project read on Intel web page https://devmesh.intel.com/projects/codewheels-model-car-robotics-racing-powered-by-intel-curie

My company has and online shop mrobot.by. Here we sell our educational robots and software for programming this robots.

I pay a lot of attention to self-learning and self-development. A lot of my knowledge is result of self-education. Now my main goal is to obtain new knowledge and to develop my skills which can help me in successful creative and professional self-realization and to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

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