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Ortolive - il tuo orto a portata di click!

Our idea is to combine tradition with innovation, to rediscover the quality and genuineness of agriculture, allowing our customers to adopt a vegetable garden, constantly monitor the state of the soil, air and their fruit and vegetable plants, guaranteeing the quality of products and the transparency of the production chain thanks to the live streaming service. All this is made simple and pleasant through a dynamic web interface, where it is possible to simulate the real state of the garden, guaranteeing users a more than natural interaction.

Ortolive - il tuo orto a portata di click!

Emilio Cavarretta, Andrea Passini, Biagio Tagliaferro, Riccardo Taglienti

Emilio Cavarretta, a Computer Engineer who has always been a lover of nature and outdoor life since he was a child. He lived his childhood and adolescence, first observing and then helping his parents grow their garden in free time. Grown up with the conviction that thanks to the generosity of the earth, quality products can be obtained by using only artisan methods and respect for nature to ensure a healthy life for every individual. It is for this reason that with great tenacity and passion has undertaken, together with a group of friends and members, an important project whose goal is to bring people closer to a new reality.

Andrea Passini, Computer Engineering, has always been a lover of nature and the environment in general. A passion handed down by grandparents who, by taking advantage of small landowners at the gates of Rome, have since become young and appreciated and loved the agrarian life, teaching them respect for the nature and importance of belonging to the roots.

Biagio Tagliaferro, Computer Engineer with passion for Moto and Music, but as a practitioner, not as a spectator. He deals with Computer Security as he has been fascinated since the infancy when, with a few lines of batch code, he enjoyed cloning the contents of his friends' floppy disks.
"Trapped" (has just been said) in Rome for more than ten years, he immediately met these friends, now also members.
Lover of creativity and challenges: the perfect blend to succeed in ambitious goals like this.

Riccardo Taglienti, Building Engineering, deals with design daily without forgetting his passion for nature and animals. Since he was a child he spent afternoons following grandparents in the Roman countryside and trying to learn techniques and secrets of the craft. From his passion shared with his friends always born ortolive, an association ready to return the good that the land can offer us.

  B6 (pav. 9) - Emilio Cavarretta, Andrea Passini, Biagio Tagliaferro, Riccardo Taglienti

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