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Controllers per "Architectural lighting design" IoT

HeretiX Technology is devoted to developing technological systems for architecture and entertainment by making electronics a new kind of "magic", hence the name HeretiX. At Makerfaire, HeretiX Technology wil presents a range of products designed for lighting industry and complex architectural scenery.
The range of controllers displayed at Makerfaire will have from 4 to 200 channels (AC / DC / DMX hybrids), when connected in series, the controllers enable installations of more than 1000 controllable wifi light points through the specific app or via computer, enabling the the implementation of  Amazing light shows.

 Controllers per

HeretiX Technology

My name is Luca Borgia, Iam 39 years and I spent the largest  part of my life dealing with electronics industry.
After my graduation in engineering (electronics) and, earlier, my high school electronics diploma and after having gained a lot of experience in yatching industry as an automation designer,three years ago I decided to return to my beloved Salento to develop a technological company which represents my way of thinking. To date, I have created a lot of projects of innovative, original nature, by the alias Heretix Technology (as heretic technologies). The most recent project is a  device which, connected by electrodes to plants, send via bluetooth plant variations to another device in order to convert them into musical notes and will be displayed at Makerfaire by the name  "Plants Play". More generally I focused my design activity mainly on th light control sector because I believe that lighting scenery is the new form of architecture and then I make, by this combination of art and technology, my personal form of Art.

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