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Conoscere i terremoti, evitare i danni

Conoscere i terremoti, evitare i danni

Quakebots is a sensing device that registers every small vibration on buildings and other structures, elaborates it following artificial intelligence patterns and immediately detects and reports out-of-normal parameters.
This device is ideal for monitoring any type of construction, spanning from single buildings (home, condominium, plant, road, bridge) to a wider environmental monitoring. More Quakebots can be networked, in order to acquire more data and performe more complex analyses with more truthful results.
As a vibrating sensor it suits to a large number of entertainment, gaming and consumer applications.

Conoscere i terremoti, evitare i danni

Gianni Alessandroni, Daniele Storni

Gianni Alessandroni
The innovating and creative inventor, he is the founder of Wise Engineering and Quakebots’ Cto and Founder. He also was co-founder and creator of LifeTip project, creator of the Mygeopin algorithm and acted as Pragmasystems Ltd's Development Director.
He has always been developing software for any programmable device, from microprocessors to cloud-based development. He is a consultant and reference figure for various Italian and English companies on audio, security and high reliability recordings.
He works in strict multitasking, and implements controversial event management algorithms. His internal clock never skips a meal (sigh!). His free time is all about reprogramming his own T-10, a 10-year-old Terminator, a vain activity up to date. Since September 2014 he has received a brand-new neural network on which to experiment ... but his wife allows him to close up for changing diapers only!

Daniele Storni
The Data Scientist, he gets a kick from the actuarial and statistical issues underlying machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches, already during his studies in Economics. He approached computer science as a self-taught programmer, soon learning to use the best-known Python programming notebooks and the latest Python-based frameworks, including Apache Spark.
He selects appropriate algorithms for available datasets to be used in real-time seismic phenomenon analysis. His noir soul constantly collides with his dreamlike vision of the surrounding reality.

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