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"Inside It’s Hot!!!" - "Dentro è caldo!!!"

Have you ever appened in winter to get up on your car and finding her cold? Too cold?
It can happen in the early morning to go to work or in the night to get home after a party.
Finding the car too cold is an unconfortable experience.
My solution is an stand-alone, battery powered, cellphone controlled heating appliance.
With a call or sms you can activate it and the same mode you can switched off it.
Maximum power output = 96W;
It is powered by a deep-cycle AGM battery 12V 24Ah (c20) for an autonomy of about 2h.
In 5 minutes it increases 2 °C the temperature of a 400 l volume.
The solutions already stayed in business are more expensive due to they’re thought for high level car and they aren’t cell controlled but only by telecomando (see for example Webasto solutions).
With my solution everywhere you are, you can switch on the appliance with a cellphone so, when you will get up on the car, you will find itself just hot.
I introduced some improvement:
- control it through the internet (when it is connected by WiFi);
to made this I used ESPertino.....an HD / SF development platform similar to Arduino that contains a wifi module.
Also, by browsing a web page I can check the temperature (to made this I added a temperature sensor.....LM35).
- I added the "LOCAL" modality to use it simply by ON/OFF switch , without using cellular.
To realize the prototype I’ve used:
1 Arduino 1, 1 GSM Shield, 1 Relé Shield, 3 high power resistors (100 W x 3 resistors),1 deep-cycle AGM battery 12V 24Ah (c20), 1 ARCTIC Alpine 64 PLUS Heatsink,1 ESPertino, 1 sensor temperature LM35.
At the moment the device is perfectly working and I am doing a suitable packaging.
The device is in the process of patenting.

Luca Gentilini

I'm Luca Gentilini, I was born in Amelia (TR) on 25/09/1986. I carried out technical studies with specialization in Electronics at the Technical Institute (ITIS) "Lorenzo Allievi" of Terni. I attended the Faculty of Electronical Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza."
I graduated in three years with a thesis entitled: THE FILTERING ALGORITHM OF BEAM ELECTRON IMAGES OF SPARC.
After my bachelor's degree I enrolled in the master's degree with specialization in Digital Microelectronic Systems graduating with a thesis entitled: ENERGY SAVING IN VIRTUAL ROUTER NETWORKS. During the preparation of the thesis i have been co-author of a Publication entitled "Virtualization and Virtual Router Migration: Application and Experimental Validation" published on the ENHANCED RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS journal.
In November 2014 I made and passed the state examination for the qualification to the engineering profession.
Since January 2015 i have worked like consultant for Reply SpA.
I currently manage 3 groups within the new TIM corporate billing system (EFBM).
I know in-depth the PORTAL and KFX billing systems.
In my free time I developed some prototypes of electronic devices.
Specifically, the prototype I propose to the Maker Fire is in the process of patenting.
My projects have 3 essential features:
I hope these features are winning features.

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