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Steampunk Typewriter Laptop
Steampunk Typewriter Laptop

Steampunk Typewriter Laptop

A laptop PC assembled with a 1930 Royal portable typewriter, a Rapsberry PI 3 and a tablet.

The typewriter has been converted to a USB keyboard connected to a RPI3 installed on its side. A tablet is used as a display via VNC desktop sharing protocol. A battery has been installed inside the wooden base plane of the machine. An extra case, made of wood, has been attached to the original typewriter case to store the tablet, mouse, and other stuff.

Project principles:

- Wireless. No wires for power, keyboard, display and mouse. All connections are internal or via Wi-Fi,

- The typewriter can still work as a mechanical typewriter.

- Keep the typical keyboard sound without consuming ink.

Steampunk Typewriter Laptop

Giuseppe Portelli

I'm a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering. I'm lead software engineer at 34BigThings, an indie game studio based in Turin, Italy.
I love playing music, writing and making stuff.

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