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The lamp made with the tools of digital manufacture (laser engraving and 3D printing) is characterized by two main functions; the first "Light Effect", allows the creation of enveloping and unedited light effects, as the surrounding environment is redesigned by the lamp with luminous designs. Whenever the lamp rotates, the light passing through the carved body creates a different light graphic from time to time, giving the user an unprecedented viewing experience of the phenomena related to the shadow shining projection.
The "Light Effect" function of the the Superluminal Lamp is given by a special laser cutter in vertical and horizontal sections, on a particular 99% glossy plexiglass that enhances the light projection effect. The study of this particular laser engraving allows you to experiment and observe the luminous projection of shapes, to create different light games, in which even the smallest ones can play and create through 3D robotic printers fantastic fantasy stories that like magic take life through the light of the Super Luminance Lamp.
The second feature of the "Thunderbolt" lamp is for wireless power transmission technology through the mini Tesla Coil transmitter, which is plugged into the lamp through a safety case, generating alternating high frequency, but very weak intensity currents and not dangerous for users.
The function of the Tesla Coil superluminal lamp, from the possibility for the most adults to know and experience the phenomenon of wireless transmission of electricity through the same lamp accessories as 3D printed robots equipped with neon or low power led, approaching near the lamp are lit up without using electrical contacts but powered by distance thanks to the Tesla Coil suitably configured for small scientific experiments.
The lamp consists of a rotating cube carved with laser technology, conceived in its design to generate special light projections, rests on a base also developed with laser engraving technology, and made up of fluorescent material bands releasing chemical light when solar or artificial light decreases in the room, allowing to observe and study fluorescence phenomena.
The Thunderbolt Superluminal Lamp becomes a means to experience and be able to know the fascinating phenomena of light projection and the fundamental characteristics of propagation of electricity.


Giovanni Paolo Masia, Stefania Merella

We are Giovanni Paolo Masia and Stefania Merella, We have founded the MeMa Lab, a research group in the field of digital manufacturing; Our study course covers several creative fields: we graduated respectively in graphic design and photography, architecture and furnishings, and graduated in scenography and sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Sassari. After these studies, we deepened our interest in computer graphics and design, taking on the status of a multimedia technician. Continuing our course we got the qualification of Interaction Designer at the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero. At the same time we have cultivated two great passions; the fashion, in-depth by attending the Sassari Arts and Fashion School, and the physical computing technologies learned in the training course in digital manufacturing at Sardegna Ricerche. The interest and passion for new technologies in digital production led us to take digital animation courses at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale - Rome, to study and develop new innovative teaching processes for the dissemination of new production technologies digital.
Our goal is to combine knowledge in technology with the passion for art, design and fashion. Being a digital craftsman allows us to combine all these passions.

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