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SuperOcto, l'assistente di stampa
SuperOcto, l'assistente di stampa

SuperOcto, l'assistente di stampa "All in one" per la stampante 3D

SuperOcto is the all-in-one print server for the 3D printer. In one device all features are included to print and to optimize processing time, even when you are not present.
Inside, they find a continuity group, two power sockets, and a powerful onboard computer equipped with a large capacitance of capacitive touch screen, from which you can manage all functions easily and intuitively. Functions can be managed remotely via integrated wi-fi, from any computer, smartphone, and tablet connected to the Internet. SuperOcto comes with a slicer, a wi-fi access point and a streaming video camera, and you can record your print sessions in timelapse.

SuperOcto, l'assistente di stampa

Officine Digitali Marchigiane

The association "Officine Digitali Marchigiane" was set up at the beginning of 2017 for the will of some professionals, in order to bring modern paradigms of technological collaboration into the local context.
To pursue its intentions, the association draws inspiration from the three basic criteria underlying the worldwide FabLab network: Share, Learn and Make.
The Social Promotion Society "Officine Digitali Marchigiane" is not only a well - equipped digital manufacturing laboratory, but also a place of sharing and coworking, which promotes ideas exchange and the birth of new projects.
It can also become a flywheel for the inclusion of students, and not only, in the workplace.
Who we are: The association was set up at the beginning of 2017 for the will of some local professionals in order to bring in the local context of the reality already started and consolidated in the capitals, in Italy it counts more than a hundred, but none in the range of 50 Km from Piceno. Founding partners bring a highly specialized technical-cultural capital to the association:
Antonio Piergallini (Chairman): Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Manager at a CAM software firm, rapid prototyping expert, 3D graphics and iso program simulation. Organize and manage specific CAD / CAM courses for different sectors.
Bruno Piunti (Vice-President): Mechanical engineer, enthusiast of mechanics and 3D design. Expert in machining for chip removal (turning, milling, drilling). Employee at a multinational company as a senior technician.
Mirco Piersimoni (secretary): Graduated in Civil Engineer and Master of Engineering in Emergency Engineering, Free Professional in Civil Affairs, a member of national associations for philanthropic purposes.
Giuseppe Pignotti (treasurer): Biomedical Laboratory Technician, specialized in water purification plants.
Workman with the role of CAD designer and CAM programmer.
Mauro Cecchi (Adviser): He has worked as a designer of VLSI systems in ST Microelectronics. For over thirty years he worked in the field of professional computer science. Blown away by the world of makers, in recent years it has spent its free time writing software to boost its self-built 3D printer.
Daniele Magiera (counselor): graduated in Information Technology, web programmer and systemist, enthusiast of electronics and multimedia contaminations.
Luigi Ferrari (adviser): Graduated in electronic engineering, expert in embedded and firmware systems, software / hardware development consultant for microprocessor systems
Vincenzo Carlotti: Graduated in electronics engineering, VLSI global design consultant with HDL (VHDL, Verilog) languages and already responsible for electronic design at Roland Europe spa. He also has experience in defense electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, product engineering and in the field of trademarks and patents. He was a volunteer professor of Microelectronics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
Giacomo Bianconi: entrepreneur, owner of a local electronic assembling company, seeking innovative solutions to solve production problems.

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