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FabLab Kids  English
FabLab Kids  English

FabLab Kids English

FabLab Kids English is a fun way for kids to learn English and about the world of technology at the same time! Our workshops are designed to help kids use the English that they learn thru books at school by engaging them in conversation while doing activities such as drawing with 3D pens, creating video games with Scratch,learning how a 3 D printer works and other aspects of the world of technology. The workshops are held in both Italian and English, with a mother tongue speaker doing the conversational English and a FabLab technician doing the technical part in Italian. We make learning fun!

FabLab Kids  English

FabLab Cuneo

Alessandro Marcon, founder FabLab Cuneo, born in Turin on 05/14/1976, has 10 years experience in industrial prototyping, curator and organizer of the summer camp at the laboratory.
Valerie Tanner is an American who has been teaching English in Cuneo, Italy for 16 years.Born and raised in South East Asia til the age of 12, she has lived and worked in 11 countries and has a 9 year old son, who is bilingual in English and Italian. Valerie teaches English thru conversation,games and music, making learning English fun!

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