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CUTE - Anelli forgiati in bronzo
CUTE - Anelli forgiati in bronzo

CUTE - Anelli forgiati in bronzo

CUTE is a jewellery set consisting of of four different rings forged in bronze and each ring has its name: Leopard, Snake, Natural and Gentle.
Leopard has seven sides, has a feline mantle web. It’s rough and refined.
Snake has seven sides, has a reptile skin web. It’s really brillant when the light bit the surface.
Natural hasn't a finishing texture but it is possible to see better the signs of the material. The ring has an open shape to symbolize the imperfection of nature which at the same time is its beauty.
Gentle visually is fine and asymmetrical. Its surface has been smoothing , so there aren’t imperfection. Thanks to stripes the colour of material is more evident.
The purpose of CUTE is to find out what are the smallest details you can get with the 3d printing.. For this reason we created four different aesthetics shape textures.
Rings, modeled with Rhinoceros, have been 3D printed by resin. After we use them for making a plaster cast and used it for filter inside the metal cast. At the end we made a finishing job to eliminate all the machining waste and we get the product as desired!

CUTE - Anelli forgiati in bronzo

Lavinia Franceschini

Lavinia is a 23-year-old Industrial Designer from Senigallia, Marche. She has skills from technique and artistic education which allow her to develop design and organizational capacities.

Thanks to her design and language studies she is able to act in different multicultural context with reliability and determination.
Lavinia is motivated by the desire to listen people and the passion for the creative use of all types of machinery, cnc and not. She is in a collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

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