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Body lamp

The sinuous shapes of the female body are used to create a design lamp which in 3 different ways propagates light in the environments. In the first one is exploited the neck of the bust to house the lamp, in the second the light is enclosed in the body and propagates through the carvings made on the object itself, in the latter the light is emanating from the body as it is made and with a translucent material containing inside the lamp. The busties have been scanned to truly represent the characteristics of the female body and then printed in 3d with different materials.

Body lamp

Massimo di Giulio per A3DLab

He was born in Rome on April 15, 1977. In 1995 he obtained the diploma of Perito Elettronico Capotecnico at ITIS N. Copernico. Encouraged by the monumental historical architecture of Rome, he writes at the Laurea in Architettura at the University of Rome 3. Parallel to university studies, he enriches his cultural heritage by studying and working in collaboration with several engineering and engineering studies. In 2005 he graduated in Architecture with his thesis in Architectural-Archaeological Restoration, "The Villa of Seven Basses on Tuscolana Street" with a vote of 110 and praise. In the same year he began his professional career by enrolling in the Order of Architects of Rome and Province. The early years are dedicated to the management of large residential buildings, during which it takes notice of the traditional and technical anachronism in use and of the importance of implementing energy-efficient design solutions. Therefore, a course of study aimed at specialization in the field of retraining and energy saving, eco-sustainability and bio-architecture begins. In 2014 he holds the Master of Science degree in Sustainable Design at the University of Rome 3 and immediately applies the new skills in the renovation of old buildings in Rome. In love with the world maker forever, in 2015 he founded with his friends a new studio / laboratory, A3D Lab, where 3D models are developed, made and printed.

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