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Cromopolis is a souvenir kit which contains a city map, a notebook, a pencil and postcards. It is designed for tourists who are keen to explore the city, rather than following a guide. It gives voyagers the opportunity to ‘live’ the city and have a personal memory of it through a fun component: an interaction with monuments.
How it works: the process is the same as, when we were kids, we used frottage to impress on paper the image of the coin. On the city map provided with the kit there are some points of interest marked with an icon. When the tourist finds the monument in the city, he will find the reliefs nearby, in a cafe in front of it for instance. All he'll have to do is to put the postcard or the notebook on the relief and start coloring. At the end of the action the icon will be "printed" on the postcard or on the notebook.


Sara Sossi

Sara is a product designer. She worked for different graphic design firms in the Veneto area and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
After the diploma in artistic glass design in Murano and web design in Udine, she decided to do a year of volunteering in New Zealand where she learned a new approach to design.
Once back in Italy, her experience continued at Studio Nichetto in Venice, a product design studio. Now she collaborates with the Sci FabLab of the ICTP in Trieste and works on personal projects within the fields of graphic and product design.

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