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Volùta - Lampada volubile

Volùta - Lampada volubile

Volùta is a lamp which can have more configuration, the user can choose its.
The lamp is in steel and has a wooden basement with magnets, so It can be slide on it. The led light is widespread thanks a opaque plexiglass sheet.

Volùta is light, minimal and easy to handle.

The structure is made by a steel sheet which has been worked with punching machine for have the curved shape. The opaque plexiglass has been thermoformed for have the perfect shape and enough space for the led. The wooden basement has three holes where there are three magnets Which supports everything and allows the movements.

Volùta - Lampada volubile

Lavinia Franceschini

Lavinia is a 23-year-old Industrial Designer from Senigallia, Marche. She has skills from technique and artistic education which allow her to develop design and organizational capacities.

Thanks to her design and language studies she is able to act in different multicultural context with reliability and determination.
Lavinia is motivated by the desire to listen people and the passion for the creative use of all types of machinery, cnc and not. She is in a collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

  C42 (pav. 8) - lavinia franceschini

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