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Bowling da tavolo funzionante stampato in 3d

Turn your desk into a professional bowling lane!
From the combination between 3d printing and recyclable materials, you will strongly enjoy playing with a really unreleased toy.
Taste the charm of a game with ancient origins which always renews itself, now embodied in a product endowed with the soul of traditional craftsmanship, that’s highlighted by additive manufacturing technology.
Activate the mechanism of this machine and find the answer to the following question:
“Is the real fun in hitting a strike… or setting the pins back on the lane?”

Bowling da tavolo funzionante stampato in 3d

Giovanni Volpi

Giovanni Volpi was born in Modena, Italy, where he currently lives, on May 6th, 1973.
Graduated in Transportation Design with a thesis about new rules to improve safety and aerodynamics research in Formula 1, he worked for Companies around Modena in car manufacturing and 3d making.
Currently he is also cooperating with a Start-Up specialised in zero-emission vehicles.
As a strong communication enthusiast, Giovanni is also a blogger, by publishing personal amateur projects and works about car design and 3d printing.

  E26 (pav. 7) - Giovanni Volpi

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