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ResQ esperienze di vita reale della nuova città di residenza.
ResQ esperienze di vita reale della nuova città di residenza.

ResQ esperienze di vita reale della nuova città di residenza.

ResQ is a platform developed to further users’ social life experiences through the exchange of information on the city they live in.

The platform allows users to develop social interaction where technology is not a mere tool, as it promotes a positive interaction with the city, creating a network of shared knowledge of places and resources that are attractive and in line with the user’s interests, needs and abilities.

This service implements national and international dynamics to help building a solid social reception through users’ shared experiences.


ResQ esperienze di vita reale della nuova città di residenza.


Emanuela Pucci was born in Fabriano (Ancona, Italy); I then moved to Rome where I earned my degree in Industrial Design at ISIA.
In the past two years I became more familiar with facilitation and co-design methodologies and more specifically I have been managing workshops with public and private Universities.
I have also become familiar with LEGO Serious Play.
I worked as a user-experience developer and I also translated wireframes to graphic interfaces. I am currently developing a project with the Rome Association of Architects. This project specifically aims to meet the needs of immigrants in public spaces and it implements mobile facilities in the city of Rome. Within these facilities workshops are organised to find out people’s behaviour, needs and motivations.
Team role: UX-UI designer.

Francesca Previati I’m a graphic designer with a ten years experience in editorial, advertising, and digital fields, and now UX/UI design. I’m an always curious and alert guy about all new incoming trends and software, I also feeding myself with new technology. I’m proactive in the developing of new projects, also when several of them are occurring at the same time.
Team role: graphic designer

Luca Tarasco:start-up expert. Team role: project manager

I’m Sergio Frausin a Italian/Colombian designer. passionate to Technologies, is amazing how it can help to improve almost all kind of interactions.
I grew up with the evolution of the cellular phone and personal computer, Microsoft Paint brush on windows 3.1 it was my favourite software and I loved Encarta to make my homeworks.
I started “making design” since I was 10 years old, as in the familiar reunion it wasn’t place in the dinner table to eat with the “adults” I decided to make a children table. After years at the ISIA Roma design I learned how to merge all my hobbies to make them my profession. And here I am!
Team role: product & interaction designer

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