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Go Sofi Go, il deambulatore-passeggino
Go Sofi Go, il deambulatore-passeggino

Go Sofi Go, il deambulatore-passeggino

Our team from the "Politecnico di Torino" developed a support to help Sofia, a girl affected by disability, in her mobility.
Sofia does not have serious postural deficit, she manages her movement by crawling or moving with the help of a small chair. When she is outside the constant presence of someone who cares for her is essential. The walkers available on the market are not optimal for her needs, so we developed a walking-stroller hybrid: in walking stance mode, it can be easily used by the child in an autonomous way. If she is tired, the walker can turn into a stroller.
The structure is lightweight. The rear wheels are equipped with a braking system to slow down the speed of the walker. The aid is easily resealable.

Go Sofi Go, il deambulatore-passeggino

Bodo Giulia, Cristofanelli Mauro, Di Liberato Gianfilippo, Massa Valentina, Patrucco Michela, Pazzagli Ludovica, Soncin Paola

We are a team of seven students attending the second year of the "Politecnico di Torino". On March we started a joint planning with the family of a child affected by disability, in three months we have designed for her a support that allows her to be safe during the walking. It was designed by focusing on the end-user and taking advantage of her capabilities.
Our dedication and determination made us able to build a working prototype which was tailored to the needs of the child.
Our ideal has always been "if it can be done, as much as it seems difficult, let's do it". Our path will continue because we think there is more that can be done, we want to create and invent and we are ready to get involved!

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