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Fisica 4.0
Fisica 4.0

Fisica 4.0

Sapienza Università di Roma has designed a three days activity for teachers consisting in a school of physics with Arduino and smartphones. The school is run in our Innovation Gym and consists in a hands-on activity that turn a teacher into a real maker: teachers are instructed on how to program Arduino and use smartphones' Apps in half a day. Then, they design, build and execute a real physics experiment. No more need for complex apparatus or laboratory: an Arduino board and few sensors, or a smartphone, are enough to perform amazingly precise and accurate experiments in every physics field.

Fisica 4.0

Dipartimento di Fisica Sapienza Università di Roma & Fondazione Mondo Digitale

The Department of Physics of Sapienza Università di Roma is one of the most important in the world. It is where world-famous physicists work to obtain important and numerous results: just to mention the last two achievements of worldwide importance, we remember the discovery of the Higgs boson and that of Gravitational Waves. In addition to a great scientific tradition, the Department also has an excellent reputation in teaching. We are committed to continuing teacher development and training programmes, within whose competence this activity was born.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) works for an inclusive knowledge society combining innovation, education, inclusion and fundamental values. Knowledge sharing and innovation are among the Foundation's tasks as a knowledge-driven nonprofit organization with an integrated research-action, development and implementation programme: a complete and continuous cycle flanking academic work with the development of tools and projects in education, digital inclusion and territorial and community development.

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