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Simulatore di guida LEGO
Simulatore di guida LEGO

Simulatore di guida LEGO

Thanks to this LEGO simulator, it is possible to drive models of vehicle via steering wheel and pedals, like on a real car!
The simulation is very realistic: there is the gas pedal, the brake, gears and the steering wheel, just like in a real car.
There are 4 types of models to choose. You can select the desired vehicle using the steering wheel buttons. Once the vehicle you want to use has been selected, it will respond to the commands given by steering wheel and pedals.
The vehicle will be driven on a "track". This track is very simple and will be placed on a table with bulkheads to prevent the vehicle from standing on the ground.
Vehicles are controlled by a Raspberry Pi that receives commands from the joystick, processes them and transmits them on screen on the interface and via Bluetooth to the selected vehicle.
Each vehicle has a Sbrick: a microcontroller equipped with Bluetooth that allows you to control the accessories of the LEGO Power Funcion remotely. The Sbricks were born to be used by their smartphone application but I was able to make them work with Raspberry Pi without any problems.

Simulatore di guida LEGO

Mattia Fochesato

I am currently studying at the University of Verona - Computer Science.
Despite my young age, for years I have always widened my knowledge by attending several extra-specialization courses, gaining experience and professionalism year after year.
I've worked out and made some important projects, specifically two robotic projects, a business venture for Camera del Commercio di Verona - “Crea il tuo progetto d’Impresa 2015/16”, and an App for Valorizing the female Figure in our society.

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