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EAGLE (Enhanced Authentication with GaLileo dEvice)
EAGLE (Enhanced Authentication with GaLileo dEvice)

EAGLE (Enhanced Authentication with GaLileo dEvice)

Nowadays everyone is using the smartphone for applications that require more or less accurate positioning through integrated GPS. For example, the smartphone is used as a satellite navigation system, or for making location-based games. It's common experience that in many conditions you have to wait tens of seconds and/or minutes to get a position fix, and often that position is not accurate enough and misleads, for example, the smartphone's satellite navigation system, providing wrong road directions. This happens mainly in urban areas, under trees or indoor, where the GPS signal is more shielded or reflected by buildings. The accuracy of the GPS receiver of a cellphone ranges from 5 to 20 meters and depends on the environment. It would be very interesting for the user to have better accuracy, for example the decimeter or centimeter order, because it would enable many new services today impossible, both with GPS receivers in the cellphone, but also with other devices equipped with GPS. Commercial GPS receivers (such as those in smartphones) calculate the position autonomously, unable to get information about the error traveling on the GPS signal at that time.
SpaceEXE has created a cloud processing system that allows you to receive raw GPS receiver data and calculate the location remotely. The advantage of this methodology is that the server, in addition to having raw GPS smartphone measurements, also has the error measurements that are currently on the GPS signal, calculated from reference stations already in place integrated with GALILEO data . In this way, with a negligible delay of about 2 tenths of a second, you can get very high positioning accuracy.
EAGLE is the system that enables high accuracy of positioning through cloud data processing of GPS and GALILEO data.

EAGLE (Enhanced Authentication with GaLileo dEvice)

SpaceEXE srl

SpaceEXE srl is an innovative start-up whose core business is the development of high-precision satellite navigation devices, in order to transfer research and technology from GNSS and telecommunications to various market sectors: from sports performance to land monitoring, from automotive to smart cities.

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