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Smart  home health

Smart home health

Smart home health is a hypothetical object, alerting coloring if the temperature and humidity level at home are healthy for both homeowners and home maintenance. This is because we have found that with new construction and insulation methods, home walls tend to muddle and there is no indication of when to open the windows or activate a ventilation system.
Battery powered and everything will be manageable by App.

Smart  home health

FabLab Cuneo, Danilo Avalle, Cristian Martina, Enrico Beltramo, Alessandro Marcon , Roberto Ferrero

• FabLabCuneo was founded in 2014 has produced many different kinds of prototypes.
• We are active in international and national events.
• Our training is geared to 2 / 3D CAD design, Stampa3d, Laser Cut, Arduino, Sensor, Things Internet (IoT), Programming, Artificial Intelligence.

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