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Su il ripiano, su il morale!
Su il ripiano, su il morale!

Su il ripiano, su il morale!

This is an Open Source project licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
The project consists of a portable and adjustable tray that will allow Anita to keep a better posture. The elbow holders will prevent her to keep her arms far too back. The new joystick allows an easier mobility with the wheelchair. With a GLIFO Anita is now able to draw.
The project stems from a collaboration between the Hackabilty association and the Hackability@PoliTo students team. The collaboration aims at co-design with disabled people tools that will improve their everyday life and foster their participation to active society.

Su il ripiano, su il morale!

Marcella Toma; Giovanni Malacarne; Lorenzo Galleani; Eugenia Crisafulli; Giacomo Petraglia; Alessandro Meneghini; Matteo Monsello

We are a team of engineering students from Politecnico di Torino. Thanks to the Tecnologie per la Disabilità class we had the opportunity to participate at the Hackability@TecDi project. We have different skills that led us to combine our knowledge in order to realize this project.

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