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MadFlex – No Ordinary Movement
MadFlex – No Ordinary Movement

MadFlex – No Ordinary Movement

The MadFlex is a ultra-light composite material, flexible on the one face and crushproof and resistant on the other. Thanks to its biocompatibility, its ability to control vibrations and absorb shocks and the possibility to thermoform it in any desired shape, the MadFlex can be used to redefine the mechanical limits of many products. Now, CoRe presents its first MadFlex prototype: A folding wheelchair, superior in performances and lightness, which combines the comfort and the stability of rigid models with the ease of transport of the alternatives with a fabric seat.

MadFlex – No Ordinary Movement

Composite Research SRL (Torino)

Composite Research is a startup company founded in 2016 by a group of young Italian professionals, coming both from the technical (chemical and engineering) and the commercial (financial and communication) sectors , who met each other two years earlier, while sharing a working experience in an Italian R&D company. Driven by their curiosity on the world of materials and structural solutions, they studied and developed the MadFlex (WO2016120785 A1). Thanks to the highly innovative nature of this new material, the team has been able to create fruitful collaborations with several leading companies from different sectors (e.g. design, building, automotive, aerospace). Moreover, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, recognizing the innovation and environmental benefits of the MadFlex, granted € 60000 for the project. In order to widening its scope, CoRe is actually looking for entering new markets, by attracting potential customers from all over the world.

At present, the team consists of four members:
- Eugenio FOSSAT, legal representative and R&D manager. Chemistry student, 3-year-experience in the R&D sector and in composite materials.
- Nicola GIULIETTI, project manager. Master in energetic engineering and bachelor in environmental engineering; 4-year-experience in the R&D sector and in composite materials.
- Nadia CEOLIN, Business strategy development and communication manager. Master degree in international corporate communication, seven-year experience as financial adviser and event organizer.
- Marco MORRONE, Business strategy development and customers’ relationship manager. Seven-year- experience as financial adviser, M&A consultant, event organizer.

Two equity investors already financially support CoRe, holding a minority share of the company, making their technical and management expertise and networks available to CoRe. : Luigi COSTA (Polymer Chemistry PhD Professor at the University of Turin) and Cesare MANGONE (CEO and President of Progetti Medical Equipment Solutions).

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